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  1. Manjuu

    Mame Performance

    dumpgfx (as well as GnGeo2x) relies on the romrc file(s) to work properly. Your ROMs might not be in the format it expects. Aside from the ROM set's filename, the number of files in the set and their filenames (and sizes) must also be correct for dumpgfx or GnGeo2x to load the ROM. Use a text...
  2. Manjuu

    Mame Performance

    Have you turned on the "Activate Sound" in the options menu of Rage2x (GnGeo2x's front-end)? :huh:
  3. Manjuu

    Mame Performance

    I have a F200, and GnGeo2x works. (The "Operating Systems" listed is outdated.) Can you elaborate on what happens? What game(s) are you trying to run? Do you have the BIOS files it also needs? Try to run the older and smaller NeoGeo games first, like "Metal Slug 1" or "The King of Fighter...
  4. Manjuu

    Mame Performance

    MAME4ALL (or MAME GP2X) isn't optimized or can't run those larger/newer games; use the more system-specific emulators for them. CPS2emu for CPS-2 games. GnGeo2x for NeoGeo games. FBA2X for CPS-1, Cave, Toaplan, and others (can also run CPS-2 & NeoGeo games). Download them here...
  5. Manjuu

    New Emulators For F200

    The DrPocketSnes at OpenHandhelds is an older version (v6.4.5). The current GP2X version is at v7.0.0. You can get it at GP2XSpain. (Thanks to Bitrider & HeadOverHeels for the update & port. :D ) It runs a bit faster than before, but introduces a few bugs and glitches like in the...
  6. Manjuu

    Abduction 2

    Works on my F-200 with Open2X DR7. It runs faster (than intended) when RAM timings is turned on. :o Thanks for sharing, and any support for the GP2X is really appreciated. :)
  7. Manjuu

    Mame4All 2.5 Gp2X

    @Magic Sam & paradroid: By any chance either of you two are using the Open2x firmware? @Franxis: I'm using Open2x DR7, and MAME4ALL 2.5 is running slower than the previous GP2X version. e.g. Galaga was running full-speed w/o frame-skip @133MHz before, but now @225MHz, it still needs...
  8. Manjuu

    Emulators Crashing , Studderings, And Frezzing (F200 W/ Fw 4.0 & G

    Just to be sure, your firmware version is 4.0.0, right? What other info was in your topic title? (Your topic title got cut off.) Some of those emulators you didn't list might not work due to the sound frequency issue; either set the sound frequency to a different value, if possible, or use a...
  9. Manjuu

    The March Of The Mini Tux - F200 Version

    Excellent little game here; really playable already. :) Looking forward to further improvements and more levels. :lol: EDIT: Oh yeah, forgot to mention that it would be really helpful if there is a counter that tells you how many of those purple blocks you can still place. The clock icon...
  10. Manjuu

    Lemonboy (Super/color Gameboy Emu)

    Any chance of releasing an updated version for the GP2X? The last version for the GP2X has a few really minor issues, like the SRAM saving. (Also, adding any improvements made in the Wiz version if applicable.) ;)
  11. Manjuu

    Gpsp V0.9-2xb-u6

    Great to see a new update to this emulator. Nice to finally have the ROMs folder remembered, and the new software scaler really looks way better than the hardware one. :) I've been setting my RAM timings correctly before, so I don't notice any (significant) speed increase though. However, my...
  12. Manjuu

    Mame4All Gp2X 2.3

    A bit late... but nice to see more games added and finally have sound effects to X-men. ^_^ I'm wondering if the issues I mentioned before are being worked at. - Knuckle Joe's graphics get messed up if the Video Aspect is set to Rotate. Also, Set 2 is upside down. - Q*bert is missing a few...
  13. Manjuu

    Mame4all 2.2 Released

    Good to see Knuckle Joe back, but unfortunately, it isn't drawn correctly; Set 1 (kncljoe) is working in Normal mode for the Video Aspect (with the top and bottom missing), but when in Rotate mode, the graphics get messed up. Same goes for Set 2 (kncljoea), but the Normal mode is upside-down. :o...
  14. Manjuu

    Changing Your Open2x Theme

    @Senor Quack: I really would like to see support for custom section icons when storing links in the SD. (Good thing the default section icon isn't as bad as the cogs for the links. :lol: )
  15. Manjuu

    Open2x Dr7 For F100 And F200

    Here are the quirks or bugs I notice in the Open2X version of GMenu2X: - The "Global Volume" setting is useless (like I mentioned in my previous post). You can probably just omit this (and leave the individual volume as is) as it's already redundant with the scalers. (Why is the default...
  16. Manjuu

    Changing Your Open2x Theme

    This isn't really related to the topic, but I have a few things to ask you Gruso (or to anyone). When you changed Enexfi to the 'nand_access', I'm wondering if you're experiencing this too. If you go up to any folder aside the ones in the /mnt/ folder, you'll need to press the '..' twice to go...
  17. Manjuu

    Open2x Dr7 For F100 And F200

    (I find that having two separate volume settings to be redundant and makes things more complicated.) There are other quirks and bugs in this version of GMenu2X, but as these are in Ryo's domain, I haven't mentioned them. First, I never get the prompt to press a button. My F200 displays the...
  18. Manjuu

    Blix2x V1.1 Released

    The points grow exponentially when you clear multiple columns at a time, that's why :"] Yeah, I notice that. Another thing is that, I feel that I last longer than before. :lol: Most of the letters look fine. Just a few seems fuzzy like the ones in "select" and "start". Nothing really to be...
  19. Manjuu

    Femamegp2x Update

    Nice work bman; must have taken you awhile to finish. I really like this frontend for MAME GP2X. :D Too bad that it lacks the configurations found in MAME4ALL. The most important setting for me is the rotate screen. Can't it just use the config files that the original frontend already generated?
  20. Manjuu

    Blix2x V1.1 Released

    Nice to see an already polished game getting more polished. :lol: A minor complaint, the small anti-aliased fonts don't look that good. My high score from v1.0 that I couldn't even beat was easily surpassed in this version. :rolleyes: