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    Keyboard - Gp2x

    You missed off power supply from your list. (Headphones arn't exciting because you can't get electric shocks from them) :P The built in USB port is not a host port, meaning that it must be used to connect to a real host such as a PC. The GP2X will then appear on your PC as an external...
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    Gpe Palmtop Enviroment For Gp2x (alpha)

    Shame the GP2X doesnt have a battery backed up clock and few power managment features, would have even cooler. Mustn't dwell on it tho...
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    GP2X New 3d Gaming Engine Anyone played with this? I don't know how heavily it relies on floats. I know it says it works under X but it shouldn't be too hard to hack? or is it?
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    GP32 Anyone Played With This? I know it says it works under X but it shouldn't be too hard to hack? or is it? EDIT : Oops i meant to put this in GP2X, but i guesss it may still be relevant, can somebody move this for me please?
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    Hacked Again...

    Bad luck TheFr00n, data capture sounds like shit work anyway. My boss has seen my GP2x powered on at my desk and said "coooool whats this" and then confisccated it until the batteries ran out :P
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    Gp2x Tracker 0.1.0 Released

    Let the choon competion begin! I'm looking forward to playing with this, thanks critical!
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    What Is Reesy Working On?

    Why don't you just add that to your sig? :)
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    Lik-sang Selling Broken Gp2x's

    I would never buy anything expenive from a foreign country, you're lucky they even agreed to take it back. I'm so tempted by a DS lite, but until a UK supplier has got a good stock at a good price, i'm not risking it.
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    "great Community Huh?"

    I like noobish questions, it makes me feel smug to be the first to respond with the correct answer :P
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    Palm News!

    I thought they released ALP ages ago? As funky as it looks and sounds we all know it's doomed. Microsoft are take the market, sadly :( [clutches Palm T3 tightly]
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    Oh Look There's A Thread I Can Close!!!

    Haha! the mods are Nazis! (No realy they are, with moustaches and leather) I raised a (tongue in cheak) comment about threads being locked, but it errrr... got locked.
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    How To Turn On Usb?

    Nice work! somone realy needs to make a breakout box with infra red on it :) That would be the real killer for me.
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    How To Turn On Usb?

    I'm looking forward to seeing all these hardware mods :) any chance of a sneak peek at your WIP?
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    Lcd Backlight Brightness Hw Hack?

    Have you tried theoddbots gamma correction tool that fixes the gamma on the chip to make everything look nice again? But I know what you mean, it would be cool to have a dial to adjust the actual brightness, like with the afterburner on the GBA
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    I Have 1.3.0 Firmware

    O M G build your own toast factory? Doesn't mention TPS :( (toast per second)
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    I Have 1.3.0 Firmware

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    Guru For Theoddbot

    PM'd hando a while back while he was still on holiday, maybe he had a million PMs regarding a certain iframe and trashed the lot of 'em?
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    Sega 32x Emulation

    I think iignotus thinks that there are two 200Mhz CPUs with a combined performance of 400Mhz, he's wrong. Playable 32X emulation will never happen, just cos its old doesn't mean its doable :(
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    Are We Still Expecting A 1.5 Firmware?

    i'm expecting our boys in the backroom to bring out something much worthier than gph could :D Maybe not today or tommorow but eventually...
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    Vektar High Scores

    LXD : 250000ish But my thumb started to hurt, but you could go on forever if you get as close into the corner as possible.