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    Original 80's Ghostbuster Toys For Sale

    A Few original Ghostbuster toys from the 80's that were just sitting in the attic - Thanks
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    Call Of Duty 5 Beta Code

    Only way to get one now is to Pre Order the game where your not guaranteed one now anyway.. If no one wants it Ill just Ebay it, one went for £30 and another for £45.
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    Call Of Duty 5 Beta Code

    Got a spare Call of Duty 5 Beta code for sale if anyone wants it before I put it on ebay for £10 Oh its for the Xbox360
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    Some Retro Gaming For Sale :)

    Ebay link - Will ship world wide just tell me which item you want shipped where so I can get a price for you :) UK Postage prices already included on the auctions Thanks
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    Half Life 2 The Orange Box

    Yup, as daclassicgamingmaster quoted, its brand new and sealed and the CDKey is sealed inside the box.
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    Half Life 2 The Orange Box

    Bump £20 posted
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    The Official Mario Kart Wii Thread

    Anyone played this yet? it was leaked online on Monday....
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    Half Life 2 The Orange Box

    I have Half Life 2 The Orange Box for the PC for sale. Its brand new and still sealed. If you havent played Half Life before then you need this!!!! HL2 won 40 game of the year awards! The Orange Box is 5 games in one box, what you get is - Half Life 2, Half Life 2 Episode one, Half Life 2...
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    Users Cars

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    Users Cars

    Yea Rear wheel drive and Engine is in the Rear as well. Im guessing you mean drifting? if so, then there not that bad but I dont want to risk it lol :) -
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    Users Cars

    Thanks :) Yup, its fast. Previous owner said 280bhp but I think around 250 - 260bhp will find out when I get it mapped etc on a dyno :D . The noise it makes is amazing as the turbo is right behind your head so you can hear it sucking all the air in etc :) 0-60 is around 5.2 seconds and...
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    Users Cars

    Heres mine MR2 Turbo - I have my Mercedes 190E for sale if anyones interested ;) -
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    Xbox 360 Hard Drive Migration / Transfer Kit

    I have an Xbox 360 Hard drive migration / transfer cable for sale complete with software and instructions. Excellent condition and only used once £15 + £2.50 postage Thanks
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    Xbox 360 Premium

    For sale is my mint Xbox360 Premium console complete with 2 games, box, packaging and booklets. Reason for sale is I have just upgraded to the Elite. It comes 100% complete with - Box Booklets (Manual etc) Original packaging Console 20gb Hard Drive HD / SD AV Cable Network cable Power supply...
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    Wii Mod Situation?

    I use a WiiKey chip and it works fine for me. Updates from disc so no need in taking it out. Oh check first what version wii you have as some are a bitch to mod (mostly the new ones)
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    Anyone Downloaded Films From Xbox Live?

    usually it tells you in the details bit but I think its a complete rip off considering you can get the films (For now) on HD Discs for just a little extra or buy it on DVD for the same price.
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    Havent Been On Here For A Long Time

    The stock internals can handle 300 - 350 bhp (or it might have been upto 400bhp, cant remember). Ill attempt them speeds on a track but not on the roads so for now Ill just be beating little old ladies off from the lights :lol: :lol: hehe
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    Havent Been On Here For A Long Time

    hehe :D Apparently it has 280bhp but I estimate more around 260bhp. 0-60mph is around 5.2 seconds or faster (Standard its 5.5 - 6 seconds but mine has boost increased, bigger intercooler, decat downpipe, performance exhaust, HKS airfilter, short shifter). Top speed standard is around 160mph...
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    Havent Been On Here For A Long Time

    Its strange but mods dont add to the value of a car realy. You can spend £15,000 on modding say a £1,000 car and sell it for only £2,000 - £3,000. Thats why I will only buy cars that have already been modded, Would hate to spend £10,000 on a car and then not get any of it back when selling...