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    Beta Liferea

    Nice bit of gravedigging here, but: thanks for the port!
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    Super Geometry Dust

    Looks very cool! For movement patterns, you could take a look at BulletML
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    Beta Qtspotify

    Didn't forget, however, didn't get round to it either :|
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    Beta Qtspotify

    Awesome, will try it later when I'm at home - and hope it works with Spotify Unlimited too...
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    Spotify client

    I contribute too: and
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    Beta Empathy

    Thanks! I'll try it when I upgrade to hotfix 5!
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    Class 10 16Gb Sd Card At Reasonable Price!

    PNY 16GB SDHC Class 10 Memory Card for 14.99 UKP, until UK midnight tonight.
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    Small paid job

    I nominate ESN ( since he keeps the wiki up-to-date very nicely.
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    Release Wolf4Sdl With Pickelauncher For Pandora

    I agree: Thanks pickle!
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    Openttd Port

    I only tried the 'new' port; it seems to contain music, but it has the famous SDL-Fullscreen mousecursor problem, rendering it not that useful. Will try the 'old' port soon. Edit: ah :( The old one also has the drifting cursor bug. Anyway, the old version is 1.02 if I'm correct, the newer one...
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    Release Scummvm: “1.2.0 Preview 1” For The Openpandora.

    Hi! I really, really enjoy scummvm on pandora. I've almost played through Broken Sword 1, but i came across a problem. If I try to save more than 32 savegames, scummvm grinds to a halt and I need to reboot. Haven't tried this extensively, but saving in slot 31/32 (don't remember) causes the...
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    Beta Improved Sdl

    has anybody done any speed comparisons yet? From notaz changes, it looks as if things with scaling are faster, don't know if that's used a lot?
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    Beta Pandora Alienbreed

    Looks like fun, I'll give it a look soonish.
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    Release Gemrb

    Cool, that worked :) I did do the widescreen mod, steps 1-4, but for me, it's still in 640x480, so I'm guessing since 0.62 I /do/ need to change the cfg for widescreen to work?
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    Release Gemrb

    I haven't had the chance to give it much love yet, but pst starts, (movie plays after moving all the .bif files to the root), but it's windowed, and I can't find any .cfg's to change that. BTW: I got version 0.62 from Any advice? Cheers & thanks! Edit: I did manage to...
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    Release Gemrb

    I just bought pst on, will give it a shot tomorrow! Thanks for your work!
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    Release Gemrb

    Did anybody test this yet with GOG's release of IWD, BG, or PST?
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    Do You Like This Sort Of Wargame? (Turn Based..)

    Yeah, I'd love to give this a shot too, I'm running ubuntu 10.04 atm.
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    Release Gargoyle For Pandora - Interactive Fiction / Text Adventure Package

    Didn't report back yet, but it's a fine release :) But still, the game-picker is quite slow :) Thanks Jeff!
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    Release Gargoyle For Pandora - Interactive Fiction / Text Adventure Package

    Took a while, but I just dled it an will be trying the newer build. I have sorted my issue with my sd, thus now I feel I can properly test your latest build.