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    Nintendo Revolution Controller Revealed

    I've scanned through this thread and the majority of it seems to be Mark and Declaration defending old Ninty against a lot of predictable "innovation?... Shminovation!" comments. It's always nice to see something exciting like this, that steps that little bit closer to video game immersion...
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    Psp Firmware Update 1.0 To 1.50

    groovy B)
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    Psp Firmware Update 1.0 To 1.50

    Can this be confirmed as working anywhere?
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    Xgp - First Pictures

    Hey, that looks real nice to me. I doubt it would seem too bulky in your hands, I always thought the psp looked the size of a lynx until I actually held it in my hands. ...And look at the size of the daughter usb socket, it looks even less swamped on the xgp than it does on the psp. I think...
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    Neocd Emu On Psp... Yeah It's Great But........

    Make sure you have the latest emu version: (0.5u4) SFX and in-game music works on all games I've tried. Even CD audio music works when converted to mp3. For this to work, the romsets need to be in the gamefolder with a subfolder called "nocd.mp3" containing the mp3. The mp3s need to be named...
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    Psp Umd Iso Shrinker V1.0

    Personally, I'm sticking with 1.0 atm. Just easier that way.
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    Project Ninja

    This sounds great, all the specs sound fine to me, but I also would love to see a Touchscreen. The idea of poking lemmings around with a stylus just... turns me on. Gaming touchscreens aren't just a portable alternative to a mouse, they are a far better replacement. It's such a shame that the...
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    Stupid Questions About Psp Firmware.

    Cooooool. B)
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    Stupid Questions About Psp Firmware.

    Cheers finty, I've been missing your crotch ;)
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    Stupid Questions About Psp Firmware.

    Hmmmm... No, that comment has only just appeared! Though I notice that on that auction's title v1.0 is not mentioned, where as it is on the one I won. Anyway, if 1.5 isn't too much hassel, I'd probably end up updating anyway, so I'll wait and see. Cheers for the help.
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    Stupid Questions About Psp Firmware.

    Hi, haven't been here for a while. I recently ordered a Japanese (v1.0) PSP from ebay. (this one to be exact.) due to xboxmodchips selling out. I have some questions about the firmware updates. 1: If I buy U.S. Copies of some original launch games (thinking about wipeout, lumines & Hot shots...
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    Half-life Vs Half-life 2

    Very true, I haven't played HL2 for more than an hour or so (I don't have much free time for games anymore, hence the 2.30 AM posting time ;) , hmmm, I think I'll play a little bit now). Anyway, Half Life 1 really did lose it towards the end, at the time it took me a week to get 70% through...
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    I Need People To Test My Game

    There's nothing wrong with the game, and it looks like you've done a good job making an engine. Maybe no-ones answered yet because it is obviously early stages, and there is nothing yet that captures anyones imagination. No offence - it's just that Gigas engine already does that stuff on GP32...
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    Going To Get Half Life 2

    No, but I gave it that second try, and it crashed after a few minutes - twice.
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    I Need Help With Christmas

    Spoilt git! Who are you expecting to spend this kind money, for something your not that bothered about. I know what I'd give you for christmas!
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    Going To Get Half Life 2

    Tescos - £29.99 ...Yes it comes with CS source. ...And it seems pretty good, but I've only played it for an hour. And after fucking around with steam for an hour and a half, it does put you off the game a lot. I'm tempted to swap it for a retail doom3 and dowload the cracked HL2. I'll play...
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    Fight Back Against Spammers

    Here's a better way of fighting spam:
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    I've had a few goes on medium, I can only get to the third boss. Great, hard game.
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    Wierd Name For A Kid

    ...Well whaddyaknow, your right.
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    Wierd Name For A Kid

    lol! I'm dying to see those again, I've noticed they're on telly again but I take it that they'll have been changed slightly. I really don't remember the inuendo, but then I suppose I wouldn't at that age. I must see if I can download them sometime.