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  1. gp32rich

    (Bad)Joke Appreciation Corner

    Skeleton went to the bar and said: Give me a beer and a mop. A duck went to the bar and said: Give me a beer and put in on my bill Knock knock Who's there? Rich Rich who? If I could Rich the doorbell this'd be a ding-dong joke Knock knock Who's there? Interrupting Dog Interrupting Do-...
  2. gp32rich

    (Bad)Joke Appreciation Corner

    Here's a tale of fortune... A man was flying a plane. Unfortunately the engine caught fire. Fortunately he had a parachute so he jumped. Unfortunately it ripped. Fortunately there was a spare, so he pulled the cord Unfortunately it got twisted. Fortunately he saw a haystack below him...
  3. gp32rich

    (Bad)Joke Appreciation Corner

    RealRadioXS (a local rock station .. available online .. home of Legend Mike Sweeney) has some brill ads & idents. a couple that come immediately to mind: I made lasagna from scratch last night. (I never did like that cat) I never did get Greek history. You might say it's my achilles wrist...
  4. gp32rich

    Help Shlee write his slides for his hackerspace talk ;)

    Community: You requested assistance and within 24 hours you have two pages of useful replies :)
  5. gp32rich

    SHARK Tank with the Openpandora

    The UK version has the 'dragons'bidding tens of thousands for a share in the company. This means they get to say how the company should be run and also take some profits. Now these are hard business people so ED's policy of fulfilling [not his orders] would be out the window (unless he can...
  6. gp32rich

    GAME TESTER: Do you have any sympathy for this guy?

    Sounds to me like he misunderstood contract work. What he should have heard was 'Get valuable experience in our industry and then use your talent and experience to show you're an asset we don't want to lose' That's what temping means to me .. that or work when you want for how long you want -...
  7. gp32rich

    Help with weird generic computer issue?

    Just because you haven't stated it .. have you tried renaming it not from cmdline; either windows or nix
  8. gp32rich

    Favourite cover versions..?

    Under the umbrella of "Acoustic Hits" ...
  9. gp32rich


    GR-ack *cough-cough* (-phoo)   GRRAAAAAAAA!!
  10. gp32rich

    Count to 50 before a moderator posts!

    nein .. um nine
  11. gp32rich

    missing screenshots in repo/pnd manager

    Two things. A. I'd prefer not to have to search through loads of pics so can we limit uploads to 20 per pnd. Maybe not enough for some multipacked games. B. How about just having a link to a thread on the forum for posting uploaded pics. That way everyone can review the pics and less coding on...
  12. gp32rich

    Do you find my signature offensive?

    Offended? No! But I would be annoyed if I had kids who had read that and gone to google to search for images to find out what it meant.
  13. gp32rich

    Do you have long hair?

    I went from '88 to 06 without a hair cut. Grew out to between my shoulder blades but curly so was actually longer. Grew a beard but trimmed it (no3) every eight weeks and clean off once in a while but final clean shave was in 94 for a job interview, got the job a grew the beard. Because I...
  14. gp32rich

    The What Music Are You Listening To Thread
  15. gp32rich

    oxy morons...

    weather forecast
  16. gp32rich

    help develop the best damn programming language in the galaxy

    kinda reminds me of HP VEE (now called Agilent VEE) http://en.wikipedia....iki/Agilent_VEE useful for data gathering and manipulation I used it once .. for a few weeks .. nearly 20 years ago. :o ::me feels old :(
  17. gp32rich

    Havin' some problems linking

    Good luck with this. Sounds similar to the thing I ran into when I tried last year. Then ran out of time and haven't had time or motivation to look again yet (changed jobs) I managed to get as far as a clean compile by hand editting paths in files I was using but when I transfered it to...
  18. gp32rich

    Pandora at Tokyo Games Show 2012 ?

    Funnily enough. I just read this piece about the decline of 'classic' Akihabara and the reasons for it
  19. gp32rich

    Psygnosis is closed

    I quite agree. That's a terrible cover and one that would put me off the game - mainly because they haven't bothered with seperate covers for each language and the whole load of legalese. Mmm. Lawyers & hippies. That's a whole other rant
  20. gp32rich

    Psygnosis is closed

    It's all about the shelf space and eco-friendly cases. 12-inch vinyl had much more interesting covers than cd booklets. There was a time when software boxes bigger was better. Then those greenpeace hippies stuck their noses in and made the world a bland place to live.