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    What Will Be The Ui?

    Another option that might be worth to consider: DirectFB It is a LGPL library which started as a library around the bare linux framebuffer and input devices. According to the news it already supports the platform. With some of the extension projects opengl and X window integration seems possible
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    GP2X Wip & Help Wanted: Porting Battle For Wesnoth

    Couldnt you define an compile/configuration time dispatchable drawing interface that can be implemented in opengl and gp2x/sdl? Or do you need opengl specific features inside the game?
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    Getting Code On The Arm940

    Thank you, to both of you. I just noticed that the second output did not include the code from crt0.o. When running: ld -T script.ld -N -s -o 940bin.elf ld skiped the contents of crt0.s because the code there was marked to go into the .init section. So with [code] crt0.o(.text) =>...
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    Getting Code On The Arm940

    I just looked at gpu940 and found a linker script, adapted to my modules it looks like: SECTIONS { upper32 0x0000 : { crt0.o(.text) main940.o(.text) . = ALIGN(16); *(.data) . = ALIGN(4); *(.rodata*) . = ALIGN(4); *(COMMON) . = ALIGN(4); *(.bss) } /DISCARD/ : { *(*) } }...
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    Getting Code On The Arm940

    I want to use the 2nd core of the gp2x. But up to now nothing happens. Here is the code that is supposed to load the binary that resides in "940bin.hpp" #include <sys/types.h> #include <sys/stat.h> #include <sys/ioctl.h> #include <fcntl.h> #include <unistd.h> #include <sys/mman.h> #include...
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    GP2X Gp2xjoy.o -- Valid Linux Joystick Support For Gp2x

    Hi there, Some weeks ago I wrote a kernel module to be able to read the joystick like a normal linux joystick. I was told to properly advertise the module, so I updated the wiki page and provided a file in the file archive: gp2xjoy in file archive Wiki page: Reading from input device (fixed...
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    GP2X Detecting Changes In /dev/gpio

    Since the /dev/gpio code is pretty useless to keep track of input. I wrote a proper joystick input module. The code uses a timer, i think it would be simple to turn that into an interupt handler, but I wasnt sure how the interrupt handling works on the mmsp...
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    GP2X Detecting Changes In /dev/gpio

    Reorganize your main loop. Put /dev/GPIO and maybe some other devices like /dev/js0 or /dev/js1 (if you also want to support usb joysticks) into the read fd_set of select, and manage a list of time points. Take the smallest time point of that list and use the smallest_time_point - now() as...