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    Fenixonfire - New Site?

    Hi troop, Im more than happy to add sections for your ideas but writing them is another matter. I could probably cover it for the GP32 in XP but definately not the GP2x. Would anyone be willing to write these? While the original site was aimed at the GP32, im happy for this to cater for...
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    Fenixonfire - New Site?

    Started some work on the new site. I'm still undecided about alot of the content and how its going to work but i have a general outline of how its going to look. It still needs some work as it looks too plain atm but have a look at: Suggestions are...
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    Fenixonfire - New Site?

    Hi everyone, Been out of the game and not really visiting GP32x for a while for various reasons (a big one being i can't afford a GP2x) but i'd like to get involved again and had an idea. The fenixonfire site is rather rubbish so i was thinking about re-designing and re-building it but there...
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    Thats an excellent idea, ill start work on such a system soon as i think it would benefit everyone to have something like that. May take a little while to impliment though :D
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    Ok, added a few things and changed a couple of things. In the proccess of adding a page to introduce fenix and with ALL the resources needed to begin.
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    Maybe a pack that includes all the software and a few tutorials to get started? What do you all think? Though im sure i saw something like this released a while ago. Anyone think it would be useful?
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    Hi everybody! I have some free time coming up and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions/ideas to improve or add to fenixonfire. Also, if anyone has any tutorials or code snippets or anything else to add, just let me know and i will add it to the site. Thanks :D
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    GP32 Where Can I Find The Gp32 Ide?

    I have an old beta (although i think it was one of the last versions) that i can email to you if you like. Although im fairly sure it was not completely functional before it was abandoned.
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    Very Cheap Sd Cards

    Ahhh....didnt know that compatability problems are common, sure i'll find out when i finally get a GP2x
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    Very Cheap Sd Cards

    Just thought i would let people know (sorry if you already do) that 7dayshop are having a sale and are offering a 1GB SD card for only £17.97. Heres the link: Hope this is useful, as it seems alot cheaper than any i have seen in the...
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    Libretto Help Needed!

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone could make any suggestions on the problem i am currently having with the toshiba libretto 100ct i recently purchased. The drive is in 2 partitions with linux on one and windows 98 on the other. The problem is that the laptop restarts itself all the time. It...
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    English Fenix Reference?

    I know this is a bit off-topic but can anyone think of anything they would like to see on FenixOnFire? Im not able to guarantee anything but ill consider all suggestions :)
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    I Need To Get Ms Paint For Wine

    You really should give The Gimp a go. I know its interface seems complicated and strange at first but that passes and you get to really like the way the program works. If you really dont have the time or cant be bothered to put the effort in you could always try to google for free paint...
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    Just The Odd Bit Of Help Needed

    That was what i had origonally but i needed to kill more than one process and some were not related directly to others in the end so it was never going to work but i managed to get it using: signal(type ball,s_kill); Thanks though....
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    Just The Odd Bit Of Help Needed

    Hi there, im creating a few small games to get to grips better with Fenix. I have a type of game where as the menu reloads after dying, i want to kill all the processes for balls that are on screen. Ive been using the line: signal(type ball(),s_kill); aftet starting the menu but when trying...
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    All About Scrolling In Fenix

    Added to FenixonFire, along with the other sources you sent me :D
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    Sliders 32

    Nice work racemaniac!
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    Fenix Reference Manual

    I posted an interesting pdf on the front of FenixonFire with a list of functions and what they do although its not complete, it may help you :)
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    The Minigame Project V1.6f

    Nice work, good to see more stuff added to the Minigame Project, hopefully be able to help you add more soon.
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    Fenix New Philosophy

    Sounds good, hopefully will be some good English documentation this time.