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    Can A Windows Game Be Ported?

    If you can find the author's email, you can ask him to release the source code, telling him the purpose was to port it to other consoles. If not, you seem to be out of luck. By the way, this post had nothing to do with the rest of the topic so in the future you should probably start a new topic.
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    Reminiscence V0.4 For Gp2x Released

    The level selector screen?
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    "dice Wars"

    Jesus, that had a smart AI. One of them set up a weaker enemy as a barrier of sorts, building up to full and then piledriving into me. Have fun coding this game, it should be a good learning experience.
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    Pc-98: Neko Project Ii

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    Gph Is Working On A New Handheld (codename: Gpx3)

    I'd preorder and start downloading N64 Roms. :)
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    Wesnoth, Anyone?

    I guess you missed this thread: It was ported, an alpha version is available, but abandoned since they're switching from SDL to OpenGL.
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    What About Open2x?

    Something that would be a great advantage for Open2x would be if you improved and integrated Ell's WMVPlayer source code to allow for wma, wmv and asf playback. :)
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    Gex2x Vectrex Emulator

    Squidge is busy with SPOT and SquidgeSNES (and possibly SquidgeNgine), so this is a low priority right now I guess (although ROM loading would be nice :) ). I have faith this will be developed when he gets a chance.
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    Best Free Antivirus/firewall?

    I use Kerio. I used to use ZoneAlarm but it caused some problems with one of my games.
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    New Gpfce?

    Orkie said that he couldn't get the patch to work.
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    Vista Pricing

    That's bascially my opinion on it. I'll upgrade if XP becomes restricting, but for now I don't see any problems with it.
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    Too Little Time, Too Much To Do :(

    Just curious, why wasn't Gex2x an option? Is this still on the backburner for a while?
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    C64 32x32 Protagontista Challenge

    15 looks like Chopper Command from the Atari 2600. Is this a port to the C64?
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    Too Little Time, Too Much To Do :(

    You mean that 12-year-olds downloading their favorite beyonce song instead of paying $20 for a CD of filler tracks they don't want isn't exactly the same as pillaging villages? :o
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    Master Of Defense (windows) Free, Today Only

    I don't understand how anyone could possible make this financially viable, but it's ok with me. :) Thanks for the plug, I'm trying out the game now!
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    Too Little Time, Too Much To Do :(

    Squidge technically couldn't work on the FreeDO port even if he wanted to; he didn't sign the NDA that the developer did to get access to documentation for porting. Completing shadow warrior would be great, I also hope that sound gets added someday.
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    The General State Of Gp2x Emulation

    I believe PalmMame is based off of MAME 0.36 (can anyone confirm?) and if this is the case, GP2X MAME isn't really very far away from reaching this level of compatibility (currently at MAME 0.35rc1).
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    Emulate Gp2x On A Windows Pc?

    Between all of your projects I realize you're very busy, but maybe if you get a chance to clean up the code and release it, someone else could take a shot at finishing it?