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    GP2X How To Display Yuv Images?

    Hi! I need to display YUV images in the GP2X but I don't know how to do it, I'm very lost :S I don't want to use SDL nor minilib. How can I do that? Thanks ;) PD: Reading the MMSP2 databook PDF I saw that I can convert a YUV420 image into a YUYV422 image using the MMSP2 hardware. Any ideas...
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    Does The Xbox 360 Usb Controller Work On The Gp2x Dock?

    It won't work until someone ports the xpad driver from kernel 2.6
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    I compiled it. In the GP2X i got errors when loading roms(fseek(), execute_arm_instruction()...). In PC works very very fast and without problems.
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    Dynarec Completed For Psx4all Project.

    Final Fantasy VII Works fine. Performance looks the same as in the beta 2. Resident Evil Works fine. Performance looks the same as in the beta 2. Metal Gear Solid Crashes after starting a new game.
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    Gp2x Slow Boot After Being Ok?? Please Help

    Try to reflash the firmware (don't reflash uboot). There's no possibility of brick your GP2X and maybe it can fix your problem.
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    GP2X Dangerous Linux Hacking Code

    Wow! 15 fps more with this hack! CONGRATULATIONS SQUIDGE I don't know if I have used this hack correctly. I have made a function that's executed only one time after SDL is initialised. void mmuhack() { initphys(); volatile unsigned int *myBuf = trymmap((void *)0, 65536, 3, 1, memfd...
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    Usbnet From Linux Box Howto

    This system should be more simple: - Copy g_ether.o anywhere in the SD card. - Create a script (with .gpe or .gpu extension) in the same directory with this content: #/bin/sh rmmod g_ether cp -f g_ether.o /lib/modules/2.4.25/kernel/drivers/usb/gadget/g_ether.o sync modprobe g_ether cd...
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    Firmware 2.0.0 Released!!!!

    The same happens to me. I changed g_ether module and nothing has happened :(
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    White Screen = Irretrievably Bricked?

    You can write floppy image into a CD.
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    White Screen = Irretrievably Bricked?

    Windows isn't needed. I use Linux and I have been able to write floppy and boot it :)
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    If I Install 1.0.1 Fw Apps

    I use menu from fw 1.2.1 on my GP2X 1.4.0. The only difference is that I installed it manually.
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    Is My Gp2x Bricked?

    Finally is totally bricked?! Have you bricked it upgrading kernel or using WanX scripts? With scripts should be impossible, only touch filesystem, not u-boot :S
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    Is My Gp2x Bricked?

    WTF? This f*cking scripts are crap! I will develop a GOOD app for install/uninstall WanX. And sorry for brick your console "a bit" with my application :(
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    Dead Pixels

    Small tool: And yes, I'm too bored :unsure:
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    lol :D "WHAT FUNCTION would you like to see in next version???" :D :D :D I won't give examples... xD *Waninkoko is waiting to see users' answers... :lol: EDIT: I was warned about call it WanX... :unsure:
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    Unnamed Alternative Gp2x Menu

    techFreak, the example script was not added. ZIP problem ^^ Maybe I change shortcuts system. Instead of use scripts, use text files with this content: gngeo2x/rage2x.gpe (Relative path + executable name) But this it's less fexible than use scripts but more easy. PD: Soon 0.02 version. Many...
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    Bricked In Less Than A Day :(

    mmmmmm... maybe when using cramfs kernel /dev/mtdblock/4 is uboot partition :S When flashing cramfs image it's better to reflash official kernel because I think it's not good to reflash the partition that is use.
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    GP2X Sdl2x 0.2

    Thanks! I didn't realize that :)
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    GP2X Sdl2x 0.2

    New version of my toolkit :) Changelog: (Quick translation) - [General]: FPS has been increased a lot (in most cases). - [hw_gp2x]: New file of this version. It contains functions for change and get ARM 920t clock frequency, disable ARM 940t, on/off screen, on/off battery LED, get battery...
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    Gp2x Coding Competition Results

    Wow, this commentary has increased my moral :)