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  1. Gerix

    Justin Carter - Freedom of Speech

    I'm afraid not. I live in Michigan. There are actually two Tri Cities in our state. Sorry for the confusion though.
  2. Gerix

    Justin Carter - Freedom of Speech

    We live in a tri city area. The bigger city launches them on the 4th while our city makes a weekend out of it. But I also thought it was weird taking place after the 4th.
  3. Gerix

    Justin Carter - Freedom of Speech

    I've been following this since I heard it on NPR on the 3rd. It's pretty scary that the government can arrest someone and hold them for so long without really considering whether the threat was real. There was so much pointing to it being a joke. It's scary that an off color joke or rap lyrics...
  4. Gerix

    Your favorite Pandora-able games

    I've had a lot of fun on mine playing Doom, Theme Hospital, and Jagged Alliance 2.
  5. Gerix

    Slogans, Native Language, and Dialect

    "Please stand by: slogan under deliberation by community."
  6. Gerix

    Cross-Upgrade Question

    Ok. Thanks for the quick reply!
  7. Gerix

    Cross-Upgrade Question

    Hi ED. I received my Pandora about a week and a half ago and have happily been playing away. However, I was wondering on the status of my carry case. I assumed the accessories would transfer with the Pandora, but when the case didn't ship, I began to wonder. Are the accessories still on...
  8. Gerix

    1Ghz units resuming shipping next month

    Question: I cross-upgraded to ED's store, purchasing a 1GHz unit, with additional shipping. I received the unit, but only the unit. Now, I'm wondering if the TV-Out (I understand it hasn't been mass produced yet), carry case, and shipping I ordered from OpenPandora Ltd. has been forfeited or...
  9. Gerix

    Let's go - Help wanted :) (2012-10-01)

    Yeah, I think ED is a little behind on those :P In other news, I got a slip from the post office saying there is a package waiting for me from "Germany." I can't wait to see what it is! It's too bad I'm busy all this weekend...
  10. Gerix

    The What Music Are You Listening To Thread

    One of the local cities is putting on an independent film and music festival this weekend. I went to the Local Music Showcase and came home with two cds from this band called Vince Dynamic. Even though I came home late, I still had to pop one in and give it a listen.
  11. Gerix

    Let's go - Help wanted :) (2012-10-01)

    I'll admit as I was reading this post that I was getting a little worried about my order, but I'm glad there's a way to move that forward. As far as a video, I think it would be cool to highlight the different unique projects that community members have worked on. I think too many potential...
  12. Gerix

    The current situation

    I looked up a few of the devices they mentioned. The Colorfly looks really nice, but some of those price tags... :o Shocking. I don't know if the Pandora could beat a specialized device that costs more than it does.
  13. Gerix

    Eurogamer Pandora Write-Up & Review

    Is that how MWeston became American? For some reason, I always thought he was Canadian.
  14. Gerix

    The current situation

    I also read the thread and believe the effort put forth by takato14 was commendable. I also learned something about the audio quality of the headphone jack (although I'll admit the technical details went right over my head). However, I felt the responses came across as too pushy. As a...
  15. Gerix

    Eurogamer Pandora Write-Up & Review

    I thought the review was pretty thorough. It even points out some areas where the device could improve. Also, I think I've seen the author before. Did he used to be a member here?
  16. Gerix

    Pandora 1Ghz

    Soo...How much does a scratch and dent 1GHz unit run these days?
  17. Gerix

    Prison Architect

    Oh the temptation to have Warden Gentles added to the game. I think it would take gameplay to a whole new level.
  18. Gerix

    Diamonds of D&D Sale

    I think I paid about $30 for all nine games. Before I realized I got a discount for ordering them all, I was comparing them to this:'s gate, which also seems like a decent deal. It doesn't have Neverwinter Nights, Demon Stone or Dragonshard, but those aren't...
  19. Gerix

    Help compiling a electronica..? music compilation

    My first thought when the listening to that clip was "Ratatat." They have sort of a rock/electronica sound. And their music videos are ridiculous. Mirando is worth checking out just for that reason (the song isn't bad either). Here's an example of them...
  20. Gerix

    The current situation

    Thanks for the update. It's hard to stay with the project when you feel like you're in the dark. I've been considering buying a 1GHz unit, but I don't want to put the money down until there's no waiting list for it. Recently, I was thinking about getting a refund and ordering from ED, but it...