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    For Sale Gp32X F-200

    Hey, just thought I would check in. Are you still interested in selling the GP2X?
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    Android Console Yinlips Ydp-G18

    I've got my finger on the trigger to buy this thing...BUT, as with every Chinese device, I have to say: I have my reservations and concerns, which are only further bolstered by the fact some of the most important questions (overall controller quality, battery life, wifi quality) that have been...
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    For Sale Gp32X F-200

    PM sent.
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    New Pandora For Sale

    What luck! I happen to reside in the US! How much are you asking for one? =)
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    New Pandora For Sale

    I'm extremely interested, but the fact you wish to take the transaction privately off the forums is a little worrying, and also the fact your post count is so low has me troubled, as well.. Would you mind posting a photo with your screen name on a piece of paper here in the thread? You can...
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    Dealextreme Now Selling Gamebox

    I don't know how readily available they are in Europe, but here in the States (in my area, at least), they are becoming increasingly difficult to find at a fair price. If you can find one for £5, I would happily Paypal you for your cost, time and shipping if you would be interested in trying...
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    Dealextreme Now Selling Gamebox

    Where did you obtain this information about the internals of the Gamebox?
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    Dealextreme Now Selling Gamebox

    I'm actually getting excited for this thing to arrive...Also: I take back my previous comment about the 720p output. Upon taking a closer look at the pictures, it *appears* to have an HDMI port on the side of the unit.
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    Dealextreme Now Selling Gamebox

    This little wonder just popped up on DealExtreme's website today. It appears to be yet another emulator box that uses the Zeebo shell and the PS2 controller shell. From the site: While the specs of the unit are intriguing (although let it be known: I am skeptical about the unit sporting a...
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    Pandora For Sale Or Trade: I Want An Ipad

    Pandora is something I've been after for quite some time now. While I'm afraid I'm here in the US and don't have an iPad to trade or deal with, I was wondering if you'd consider selling the much do you think you'd sell for?
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    Picodrive 1.80

    This looks great! Any chance of a PSP update?
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    Wiz For Sale

    $80 U.S. Shipped? (I'd also like to see a photo of the actual unit that includes a piece of paper with your username on it prior to purchase..either that, or can someone vouch for him? Sorry to be difficult, but I've been ripped off before. :P )
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    Saga Satern And First Emulator

    Since all of these guys are too busy being POMPOUS ASSES, I thought I'd take a moment out and try to help answer your questions. As near as I can tell, Yabause ( is among the first PC-based Sega Saturn emulators, but as far as dates are concerned, I couldn't tell you it's...
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    Mame4All Dingoo V1.1

    Don't forget to install Dingux first!
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    The Gp2X Hack 2X Model Is Complete!

    Battery: Battery has been tested pretty extensively, and lasts between 7-8 hours on a single charge and, while there is no dedicated battery access panel, it's not difficult to get to, nor is it hard to replace. Light bar: It will light up, yes (the LEDs still need to be wired up). Front curved...
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    The Gp2X Hack 2X Model Is Complete! Here it is, folks: close to two-plus years of blood and sweat! The only thing I don't like about it is that it's not based off a F200 model! This was a project I commissioned a friend to do for me, and it's nearly complete! Check it out!
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    Wts: F200 75$ Touch Screen Dosnt Repsond

    Marioparty, I'm really trying not to be a nag, but I'd like to get a copy of that receipt soon, as I still haven't received the 2x yet. Check your PMs. I've sent you my email address that you can send the receipt to.
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    Wts: F200 75$ Touch Screen Dosnt Repsond

    Changed my mind, lol (sorry about that)... Paypal?
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    Wts: F200 75$ Touch Screen Dosnt Repsond

    EDIT: Nevermind.