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    Compatibility Pyra Debian and Games

    At least some GOG games are supported by (you can find a list on ): I guess that those will probably work with the relevant game reimplementation.
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    Colorful week

    It's not just a difference between base and not-base models, there is also the price difference which is quite small compared to the price of Pyra (expecially the 4G versions), so even if the improvement is small, it looks like it's going to be worth the cost.
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    ARM Cortex A73 and Mali G71 Coming next year in products

    The openness of both Intel and AMD is quite limited by the fact that they need a blob of proprietary software to boot, and apparently on chips produced after 2008 (intel) or 2013 (AMD) exchanging it with free software is quite problematic: and...
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    Raw development on Pandora/Pyra

    darktable announced that they are working on removing the ASM from their codebase, so that ARM support may be available in a future release. They do believe that RAW development should be done on a fairly powerful machine, however, so I don't expect it to be able to run on Pandora, ever. I do...
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    Yet another colour bikeshedding thread

    ED said that black will be one of the available colours for Pyra, but charcoal¹ seems to be quite well liked around the forum, and if it won the vote it would lead to an interesting situation where the case is available in two almost-black colours, so I'm wondering what other black-oriented...
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    Patchy kernel? (or other software components)

    For a device to be supported that way in Debian it must work with the mainline kernel, they don't accept patches to maintain. If, however, support¹ for a certain board is in mainline kernel, debian is usually happy to distribute board specific files, including custom installer images; e.g. see...
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    Able to upgrade not just the speed but manufacturer of CPU?

    How is Rockchip doing with the GPL? a quick duckduckgoing found a few old references (~2010) to the fact that they were also violating the GPL, but nothing more recent. One of the reasons the Allwinner violations are widely known is that the sunxi project did a great job at documenting...
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    What a great start - prepare for the next level!

    If you do, please try to meet Gunnar Wolf: (if the link doesn't work, and look for a post titled "Pyra, PocketC.H.I.P. — Not quite the same, but...")
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    Backdoor in Allwinner CPU kernel

    And even if it was, this only applies to the allwinner custom kernel, but allwinner chips tend to be supported in mainline (eventually) in a much saner way.
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    Information regarding development for the Pyra

    You can install a crosscompiling environment on Debian using multiarch: Some of it is only available in stretch (testing) however.
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    Able to upgrade not just the speed but manufacturer of CPU?

    China also has copyright laws and they implement the Berne convention, so they are similar enough that they should respect the GPL even if they only ever sold inside China. Of course, the fact that GPL enforcers are underfunded, international cases are expensive and that violations are already...
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    Able to upgrade not just the speed but manufacturer of CPU?

    software licenses should be enforced by the copyright owners, or by somebody working for the copyright owners. For the Linux Kernel (and other projects) there is the Software Freedom Conservancy, but they are seriously underfunded and right now they aren't doing any new enforcement work (they...
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    How to send/receive SMS?

    A quick axi-cache search in debian (stretch, not jessie) gives a few interesting results (which I haven't tried) * wammu - GTK application to control your mobile phone * smstools - SMS server tools for GSM modems * kannel - WAP and SMS gateway the latter are meant for servers, but if one of...
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    Pandora should leave Angstrom

    The main problem here is that between the time when our image had to be ready for the first units and now openembedded and angstrom went through a BIG restructuring that gave most OE users a better system, but meant that upgrading to the latest angstrom isn't as easy as it could have been.As...
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    Pandora should leave Angstrom

    FYI Debian is not as tied to a destkop environment as most other distributions are: while gnome 3 is installed by default with the standard i386/amd64 cd images there are official cd images that install other desktop environments (kde, xfce and lxde, afaik), and many other window manager (and a...
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    Meet me at the FOSDEM 2012! (2012-01-07)

    Sorry, didn't realize the title has been changed, comment deleted.
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    Next pandora (competition model)

    Speaking of e-ink, a secondary e-ink screen on the top (where there is the pandora logo) would be interesting, but probably more expensive than actually worth. Also, while I can think of cases where a screen on the exterior would be useful, I can also think of cases where it would be nice to...
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    Getting closer... (2011 - 12 - 01)

    Carrying is not the only problem: sometimes using is also. A desktop replacement notebook usually requires a desktop or some other flat surface, some models can't even be used on your lap. The pandora can be used while standing or even walking, which is hard enough to do even with the smallest...
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    Everything still going smooth? (2011-11-18)

    The TV out connector has more signals (there are 14 pins) than would have fitted in the same area using 3.5mm jacks.
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    Release NanoMap - OpenStreetMap Viewer - Beta PND

    Because of a lack of hardware resources there is a limit on the download of tiles from the openstreetmap server: downloading a full city at once would trigger it and slow down to a trickle. There are other services that render maps based on the OSM data, maybe some of those have lower limits...