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    Tracking Your Order

    Lets get some more shipment times in here. Im at 8 days and don't have it.
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    Tracking Your Order

    Does anyone know how to track the package containing the Pandora? I've just received my email that mine has shipped, and because I live in the U.S., I was wondering if it would be possible to monitor the device's journey to my house.
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    I The Red Baron

    This is why he loves causing trouble.^^ Its good to have a little annoying and wholly unwarranted hostility around here. Red Baron and PoisenedV don't post very often. Its a bummer.
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    As for audio porn, Isabella Valentine's "Jackpot." Whoa.
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    Is Everything On Track For Early April Production?

    Mildly recent tweet for craig "I wish we had never put a bloody wifi chip in the Pandora, it has been nothing but trouble. We should have just used a generic wifi dongle." Trouble?
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    Today Is A Great Day!(Hopefully)

    Ice cube must have gotten a Pandora.
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    When The Pandora Cums

    I'm gonna go ahead and say favorite thread title of all time. I pride myself on my immaturity. Massive load, [Insert Beavis laugh]
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    Case Assembly Volunteer Thread

    Only steers and queers come from Texas private Cowboy. And you don't much look like a steer to me so that kinda narrows it down.
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    New Blog Post

    Remind me when they gave us these wonderful cases.
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    2Nd Review Case Should Arrive Soon.

    Nicaragua, agua. Yes. It seems we have entered another period of missing updates when it was said there was going to be news. Eventually, what actually happened comes out, and people start flaming Craig and the dev team for being incompetent and liars. This step is important, and must not be...
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    What Games Will People Be Trying First?

    SSB64 Ocarina of Time Road Rash Super Mario World Star Wars Episode I Racer Double Dribble
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    How Many Devices Do You Carry At A Time?

    Three including a harmonica, Ipod Touch 3g, and a Samsung Trance.
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    Just Curious...

    Well this is a flame fest waiting to happen.
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    Silk Screening Poll - Whats Your Thoughts?

    Festivus was December 23rd. It's cool though. This thread really is Festivus. There's plenty of people airing their grievances with the creater of this thread.
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    Happy New Year, People!

    Happy New Year! Though I have to say, we've heard that "Year of the Pandora" stuff before.
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    Second Review Case Will Be Shipped Dec 23Rd

    Being from New York a relatively recent resident of Savannah, from what I can gather the famous "Blizzard of 95" was mostly sleet, a concept that most people I've encountered know little about. I wasn't there, so I could be wrong. And I support 100% escaping to the north for the holidays.