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    Gp2x Wich Version Is The Best

    Why doesnt OP wait for the Wiz?
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    Where Can I Buy A Wiz?

    Thanks! I'm gonna wait until after the Wiz is out, they'll probably have a version 2, like the gp2x. Another question, though. The gp2x eats batteries, will this one drain the built-in one?
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    Where Can I Buy A Wiz?

    Anyone remember me? I just found out about the Wiz and I would like to know where to buy one. Is it better than the old gp2x I had?
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    Im Back

    I had the f-100, I was a early adopter and was pissed off at the machine becuase it was a pain in the ass to use and it didnt recognize SD cards and all that normal crap. I saw the new(?) f-200 and nearly crapped my pants. I would now seriously like to buy a f-200 and learn it, learn firmware...
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    Do you know where I can buy a Treamcast (with everything included) from a respectable website? I refuse to use a auction site, becuase I don't trust them. Thank you.
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    Holy Sh*t

    I just found my GP2X after it was buried under a pile of crap in my junk drawer. I guess Im now off the help section (if I can find my cable - and a new SD card) Hell, Im still stuck on Firmware 10.1! :blink:
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    Firmware Help

    I guess Im selling it then. 200 dollars turned into a like 1 dollar. No one at the pawn shop is going to know what it is or want it.
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    Firmware Help

    Man, this shit is making feel so depressed. I feel like I wasted 200 dollars on bullshit, I really do. I was one of thr early adopters, first edition from back last year. I havent touched the 2X since I got it. Its a real bitch to work with...and I almost have A+ certification. I running...
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    Anyone Into Visual Kei?

    Yeah, he's pretty hot for a dude. Ravnos, you like Sex Machineguns? check out this:
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    Anyone Into Visual Kei?

    Anyone into visual kei or japanese rock or metal? I like stuff lke Dir en grey (now trying to break into the US), X Japan, gazette, Malice Mizer and suff. I lke Japanese metal like the legendary Loudness and another band called Metal safari.
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    Iriver G10 Shows It's Pretty Face Again!

    no, I only play Nintendo, GPH, SEGA and game park handhelds
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    Evildragons Avatar

    Looks like Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam.
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    Sega: How Far Should I Venture...

    heres some info. 32X could render 3D. and for a history of Sega, and their failings: And he doesnt have a Dreamcast? Dude! Dreamcast was the shit back in the day. They made some of their best stuff while they...
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    I Got A Free Album

    Dir en Grey- Vulgar
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    Gpx2 Goes Commercial

    man........does that hot ass chick come with the order? I want one of those!
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    Uncuclopedia Article On Gamepark
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    How Many 'failed Consoles' Did You Go Along With?

    Dreamcast was going to buy the Linux powered Indrema if it came out.
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    Sega Is Capitalizing On Old Games!

    screw the handheld. make a console that plays SMS, MD, Saturn, and DC games all in one. Oh and re-release Panzer Dragoon Saga. I would buy that thing in a heartbeat. I dont give a shit if it died the next day, at least I wouldnt be paying 200 bucks for PDS.
  19. A Set The Standerd

    I had one....liked it for about 3 months. Got the browser. Found out it was a text browser after my friend told me I could get on porn with it. Never DID get it set up, and I lost it. Duke Nukem 3D was slow as hell on that mother.