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    Caanoo / WIZ Problems Getting Apps Built With Openwiz + Ikari Sdl To Run

    Update: The promised screenshot is below. Some interesting notes: I compiled the test programs that come with libSDL and put one on my Wiz, and it ran fine (except that the mouse cursor coordinates seemed to be rotated 90 degrees from where I was touching the screen with the stylus). I just...
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    Caanoo / WIZ Problems Getting Apps Built With Openwiz + Ikari Sdl To Run

    I'll try that when I get a chance. Maybe I'll try to take a picture of the garbled screen using my phone. OhBoy doesn't set a weird video mode: screen = SDL_SetVideoMode(320, 240, 16, SDL_SWSURFACE); It did have some special video setup code for Wiz, but I tried bypassing it and saw no change...
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    Caanoo / WIZ Problems Getting Apps Built With Openwiz + Ikari Sdl To Run

    Thanks, I'll try that. FYI, I was referring to hmn's GCC 4.7.3 toolchain in regards to the test program. I changed OhBoy to statically link as much as possible, and now it starts up but has a garbled screen. This could be because I'm trying to compile hi-ban's fork, and that Wiz support may...
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    Caanoo / WIZ Problems Getting Apps Built With Openwiz + Ikari Sdl To Run

    Well the official GP2X Wiz toolchain works for me, but it's pretty old. Is this open2x toolchain any newer? BTW, I tried installing hmn's GCC 4.7.3 toolchain from the other thread, then built Ikari's SDL and its dependencies. The OhBoy binary built from that doesn't run on my Wiz either (just a...
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    Caanoo / WIZ Problems Getting Apps Built With Openwiz + Ikari Sdl To Run

    Necroing my own thread. Can someone point me to a working openwiz toolchain? This one just doesn't seem to work:,0,0,0,14,8 It compiles and links, but the binaries don't run on my Wiz, even if I copy all dependency libraries over and set...
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    [Emulator] 8Blitter (MasterSystem/Gamegear/Gameboy)

    Thanks! The Wiz has been lacking a good native SMS/GG emulator. Please don't abandon support of the Wiz version in favor of a Pandora version. Also, it would be massively appreciated if you could upload it to's Wiz emulators downloads section, as that's the most well-known Wiz...
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    Scummvm 1.5.0 Release For Gph Devices.

    Is that because it was treating it as a pseudo-analog joystick and calibrating on the fly? I recognized that behavior and realized that I needed to move the pad in a circle to establish its bounds.
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    Scummvm 1.5.0 Release For Gph Devices.

    Really appreciate the continued Wiz support, thanks! What were the input issues that were fixed?
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    Linaro Toolchain Is this something that could/would help with emulator/homebrew performance on ARM handhelds?
  10. H - Future

    I should also mention that it infects the RSS feed, which I use to monitor the site news via Google Reader. Unfortunately it's been nothing but spam lately.
  11. H - Future

    If the domain is going up for sale, then why can't you buy it?
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    Mame 4 All Need Help

    Why did you post a Caanoo question in the Wiz section?
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    Caanoo And Wiz....suggestions?

    Apparently the Wiz has some hardware-accelerated 3D capability that the Caanoo doesn't, but nothing really takes advantage of it anyways. Wiz is mediocre at SNES emulation for some reason, but does GB/NES/Genesis flawlessly. I chose Wiz over Caanoo myself because it's pretty much equally...
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    Wiz Screen Replacement...with Lcd

    Someone posted a link to a site announcing a $50 Black Friday sale on the Wiz. You could pick up one of those and use your current Wiz for spare parts.
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    Wiz Screen Replacement...with Lcd

    Is the touchscreen feature of the Wiz part of the screen itself, or is it a separate layer of film that goes over the top of it? I'm happy with my Wiz' battery life, but I'd like a second USB cable so that I can have one by my computer downstairs and one for my bed upstairs like I do with my...
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    Wiz Screen Replacement...with Lcd

    Looks damn similar to me. Let us know how it works if you try it.
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    Does Anyone Know Where To Get A Wiz? recently re-stocked them, but it looks like they're already sold out again. The product page says they might have them back in stock in 1-3 weeks though:
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    Wiz Hanging On Start Up

    Have you tried re-flashing the latest firmware? Also, have you tried all combinations of an SD card inserted / not inserted and power cable connected / not connected?
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    Should I Sell My Wiz And Get A Caanoo?

    For what it's worth, my Wiz bezel obscures the leftmost column of pixels unless I turn it a bit to the left instead of looking at it straight-on. I don't mind the Wiz D-pad, and I actually chose it over the Caanoo because I was tired of controllers that make it difficult to switch from pressing...
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    Picodrive 1.80

    Is the latest source code available for this somewhere? and notaz' site only have source code for v1.35. I'd like to try hacking it to deal better with the fact that volume levels 0-4 on Wiz are all silent.