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    For Sale Gp2X Interface Board Dev Edition

    I confirm, it's now sold to Mafia45 :) thanks :)
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    For Sale Gp2X Interface Board Dev Edition

    Hello DJWillis :) nice to got a so famous actor in GP communauty in my post :) so to answer your question, I still have it and I would be really happy to sell it to you :)
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    Uae4all 0.8.0

    Thanks :) 2 nice games already working, not bad :D
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    Uae4all 0.8.0

    Hi André :) could you (or someone else) please test few games more (please forgive me if these games have already been tested before but I couldn't find the info), I admit that it would mainly determinate my future buying choice ;) here are the games : - Sensible World of Soccer - The Settlers...
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    For Sale Gp2X Interface Board Dev Edition

    Hi :) I've just pm you :) to be clear I wish to sell it on this board to a cheap price if it can helps... I'm from France. And it comes without any PSU... you're welcome :)
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    For Sale Gp2X Interface Board Dev Edition

    Thanks alot :) and up ;p
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    For Sale Gp2X Interface Board Dev Edition

    Hello everyone :) I'm wondering if anyone would be interested in my GP2X Interface board Developer's Edition As I've no clue how much it would be valued I'm by the way wondering the opinion to everyone ;) many thanks for your comments :)
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    Exult Gp2x 1.2 Beta 1 Available :)

    ahhhh OMG! I need a GP2X!!!
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    Mitac Mio Ez Mini Pmp

    yeah, this little beast is damn sexy ... but where are the apps/games/plans for that??
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    [psp] Firmware Trick Released For Umd Games....

    isn't it normal ? like every Fifa arround there ? :P nothing can beat SWOS B)
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    Gpx2 Or Xgp, Which Will You Buy?

    YEAH :D one more reason to buy it ;) I really love all Jycet work & I'm sure he'll bring us some awesome games for our GPX2 :)
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    Off To Korea, Gpx2 Awaits!

    Have a nice trip :) Waiting dead for your news ;)
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    The Ninja's Design...

    no, surely you're talking about the Bandai console named Wonderswan ;) Lynx got only 4 buttons in fact in total & can be "reversed" for left handled guys ... I really love this little machine & I think the idea to be able to use it in vertical position perfectly is marvellous :) so that's...
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    64mb Ram - What Will This Mean...

    Great words Prophet :) My dream is definitly to get a handled able to emulate CPS2 perfectly :rolleyes: so I would adore that somebody bring it real for the GPx2 ;) and I think as you do that it's totaly possible :) concerning the use of more memory, I think a x86 machine emulator to run...
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    Psp Firmware Update 1.0 To 1.50

    But why update to 1.5 Sensible?
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    Xgp Gameabout Webzine Interview

    really nice to see that GPx2 will got your support Squidge :) honnestly I don't think they will change the hardware .... they will surely *correct* the (imo) ugly design in something more acceptable , but they seems to be proud of what's inside (as they plan to run Quake 3 on it) so I don't...
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    Gpx2 Or Xgp, Which Will You Buy?

    Same for me :)
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    Xgp - First Pictures

    wow... imo, I admit I rarely saw a machine so ugly! I hope they were drunk when they designed that ^^ even the Ngage was better.... wait... hummm maybe no LOL anyway, they only *try* to *poorly* copy the PSP design (& mix it with DS one maybe lol) & the result is worst that what I can...
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    Gpx2 Stick Clicking ?

    The clicky sound always reminds me the arcade stick, thus I would prefer to get it clicky ;)
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    The Gpx2 Got A New Big Retailer ;)

    I'm also a happy customer of Play-asia ;) so yes they are extremly reliable , fast & cheap :)