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    Samples received, visit to Greece to restart the production planned

    Thanks. I have no problem taking things apart, so that sounds like it might be a fun project :) The other part I was wondering was how to go about getting the revises cases, boards, anything else that has been updated. I don't mind waiting in a queue, as I would not want to put myself before...
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    Samples received, visit to Greece to restart the production planned

    I am glad to hear you and your loved one are now negative. I hope you both remain that way. I have been wondering, for those of us with the pre-order Pyras, can the internals be directly swapped into one of the new cases, or would there be issues with fitting due to all of the changes? I've...
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    General issues regarding F2FS rootfs partition

    Can you elaborate on this? Using fat32 for a Linux boot disk seems wrong on so many levels...
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    Quick update inbetween

    I received mine yesterday (many thanks!) and it hasn't had any problem booting. Only issue was wifi wasn't working until after rebooting (so I assume it was a first boot thing) and it's worked fine since. Really liking it so far, I've been quickly getting accustomed to the keyboard and controls...
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    Just a quick heads up

    Not to mention volcanoes have been spewing out tons of it (and methane, and other pollution-related filth) for eons. Eruptions like Krakatoa alone put out several orders of magnitude more than what has been produced by humanity.
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    Just a quick heads up

    New bundle: Pyra and candy brains..
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    Just a quick heads up

    Oh, so this must be the precursor to the "drink verification can" scenario...
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    Just a quick heads up

    I'm not terribly worried about the idle bug. With the sea of disposable smart devices out there, it can be easy to forget about one of the more unique features (and one not to be overlooked), the upgradable CPU board. So one way or another, what we see today will be a lot better later on. Unlike...
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    Just a quick heads up

    The gammar discussion, to bed put, we can, griefing good?
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    Just a quick heads up

    I seem the recall the shape was inspired by a taco one of the creators was eating. 1605898889 If the Pyra's lid is closed, isn't the default behavior to go to sleep?
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    It reminds me of the Pandora!

    I don't know where you live but in a lot of places this is simply not true. Places where people have been taking proper precautions and adhering to sound medical advise have been able to get moving and going about business quite well. It's not perfect but it's come a long way so far. I feel...
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    A case of polls!

    Don't forget the upgradable CPU board, something that will likely be the most unique feature of the Pyra :)
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    A case of polls!

    1010 now :)
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    A Spectrum of Pyra Renders

    Can you do diamond plate?
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    Ask the Dragon - Date has been set!

    Will the USA-spec cellular chip be able to also use European sim cards (like when traveling and buying a pre-paid sim card, will that simply work) ?
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    Moving along

    That probably wouldn't be too good for the back.. :p
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    Analyzing 4GB RAM

    I might be ok with 2GB as well, though I would think 4GB might be more preferred when taking into account things like virtual machines (like qemu) for running, for example, windows 9x games/applications, as well as emulating some post 16-bit era consoles/computers in general that can be a bit...
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    Back from the Dead!

    Thanks. I had forgotten about that. Still, how will power be routed to a SATA drive? Usually SATA drives use this sort of connector for power: I've seen cables like these before: but I'm not sure if this is the right thing to use with something like the Pyra with this custom SATA/USB adaptor...
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    Back from the Dead!

    Happy New Year to you too, ED! One question. I thought the SATA connection was going to be E-SATA, but the second picture looks like an internal SATA connector (with the L shape), which is fine, but how will power be routed?
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    Cases, colors and emails

    Actually I know a lot of people from Poland, Germany, Russia, Czech Republic, and Slovak Republic and many of them would quite often use "until" where they clear meant "by" and vice-versa (mainly the ones who aren't native English speakers.) I've long suspected it comes from differences in...