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  1. vadsamoht

    The Pyrabook

    Not gonna lie, I completely fell for this until I read the posts in this thread.
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    Best Acorn BBC MICRO games

    I just thought I'd post here for anyone ont the forums/internet that may be interested, because there is practically no information on this game at all out there. After setting up and testing my BBC Micros, I was able to find the old disk that contained ANDROID. It looks like the program was...
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    TV-Out Cables built. Some questions about S-Video / Composite

    Sorry, the TV OUT X (X) was probably a placeholder that I put there until I could check it against the diagram, and I must have forgotten to write in the correct values. I'll upload new version of the guide with this changes as soon as I get the chance.
  4. vadsamoht

    A new niche for the P2 - as a specialist PMP

    Probably the only think in the original post that I would think is feasible are the external buttons, which I actually think would be a great idea is the layout and haptics were done right. Everything else would make the P2 even more expensive for a feature only a small number would even use...
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    What do you think will usurp facebook?

    Twitter will certainly outlast Facebook because at its core it is not based on as much of a gimmick. That said, I'd be surprised if they were not still one of the dominant forces on the internet in ten years' time (bold words, I know) simply because of the utility that people seem to find in it...
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    Success : tv-out cable

    I was going to link my guide here, but TrashMG beat me to it. If you have any questions about it, feel free to ask.
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    Problems with the Snes Emulator (+where to find the newest version?)

    As DaMummy said, the repo is often the place to look for the newest *stable* version of any given program. There may be newer betas or versions-in-development (though I don't think that is the case here, the one in the repo is the newest as far as I know) elsewhere, but they are not necessarily...
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    Corpse Sits Among Oblivious Video Gamers For Nine Hours In Taiwan Internet Cafe

    Generally there is only a noticeable smell around the time rigour mortis wears off, which under normal conditions is at least 48 hours. Even if you somehow had brilliant conditions for the necessary bacteria to grow and other life to oviposit (i.e. warm and humid) then I think you would be...
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    Corpse Sits Among Oblivious Video Gamers For Nine Hours In Taiwan Internet Cafe

    A body does not reach any really obvious level of decay after nine hours. In fact, (considering the short time frame) it is more likely that the deceased was found because he stank *less* than his peers, due to not generating sweat, etc. as a living person would.
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    Master Class - Pokemon style game?

    I think he was asking what direction this game should take, rather than stating that pokemon was lacking one or the other.
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    Longest living console?

    Or boredom.
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    I need to learn to make a website/ need a website.

    Norally, I'd be the first to recommend learning html and css, and making your site that way, but I think Gruso's recommendation numer 1 is probably the closest to what you are looking for, simply because from what you are saying it sounds like you only have a limited knowledge of how to build a...
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    I need to learn to make a website/ need a website.

    OK, Several things: I can help you with hosting, but that is different to having a domain name. You don't really need either, but a domain name means you don't have, as you mentioned earlier. Web design is not hard, but options like WordPress and many others are good...
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    I need to learn to make a website/ need a website.

    You normally have to pay around 10-15 USD per year. EDIT: The amount depends on your host, and how long you register the domain for (longer=cheaper)
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    Master Class - Pokemon style game?

    ^ I agree that open source is definitely the way to go, though of course nobody can stop pmprog doing what he wants, whether it be open or closed. I've also had plans for a pokemon-style game, but never got around to making much more than a text-based version of the battle system. Must dig out...
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    I need to learn to make a website/ need a website.

    I've looked into this myself, and Gruso is right - you can't get absolutely everything for free. That said, If you're willing to compromise and buy your own domain name, then there are a lot of options I could recommend.
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    Porting a Bible App

    So... Is this going to be a bounty or not? If so, then I'll gladly update the bounties thread, and you should post here how much the bounty is going to be. If not and you're simply going to port it solo, then good luck!
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    Porting a Bible App

    I'll add this to the bounty thread shortly.
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    Master Class - Pokemon style game?

    The OP asked for thoughts, but at the moment I've only got one: Yes.
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    SD Cards

    ^ but on a standard computer system, the drive is constantly spinning up or spinning down.