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    Has Anyone Looked At Apple Lately?

    just built my new rig (well its kind of an upgrade because i kept my old HDD and DVD writer) AMD Athlon 4200+ X2 (AM2 version) 1gb of DDR2 533mhz ram 80gb ide HDD lite on DVD writer nvidia 7600GT 256mb internal card reader msi K9N Neo mobo 40 gb external usb hdd NO FLOPPY DRIVE running WINXP...
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    Is There Any Gba Emu In The Works?

    haha oh well at least telco hasnt close this one yet haha
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    My Battarys Dont Work Anymore

    thanks i pluged the adapter in with the batts as well and it worked cheers
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    My Battarys Dont Work Anymore

    ok so normaly i use my 2x on the mains, its great because im not constantly chargeing battarys, today i wanted a change, so before i went to work i put race (the modified one) and the pce emus on my SD card and put some battarys on charge, first off i couldnt get race to work (yes i red the...
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    New Gp2x Review!!! @ Trusted Reviews!!

    the gp2x does play mpeg4 just in an avi container
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    New Hackaday Posting

    would doing that mess up (any more) the client stuff (sorry have no idea what im talking about
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    Sega: How Far Should I Venture...

    at the moment i have a sms2 MD1 saturn and dreamcast all behind me :D i love SErvice GAmes go soinc (now all i need is an sg-1000 and sc-3000 and i will rule the world) mwahahahahahahahahahahhahahahaha oo but then ill also need a game gear, 32x and sega/megaCD... Damn and a nomad to grrr oh...
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    Gp2x On Cover Of Linux User Magazine

    gamer tv is a show on bravo a satalite tv channel i didnt know the new series had started though
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    Mount Directory In Ntfs Partition Via Samba

    thanks guys :D ill try this now... now where did i put programers notepad...
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    Mount Directory In Ntfs Partition Via Samba

    thanks Orkie i'll try this later, but would there be a way to mount the share in the ext bit so for instence when u go Games >> Ext strage >> your smb share is there? hope this isnt to complex would be nice as im getting a laptop soon and it would be cool to show off what the gp2x can do with that
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    Mount Directory In Ntfs Partition Via Samba

    cool so can u run apps over an smb share or is usb just not fast enough for that if so how do you do it? thanks in advance beanfarmer ps ive just started to learn bash scripting so you will have to speak slowly haha
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    Mount Directory In Ntfs Partition Via Samba

    hmm i was wondering about this to?
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    Vista Has Claimed Victim

    apart for the strang thing going on with your pc whats vista like?
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    Smashgp2x 0.1

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    Mkii Screen

    so is the mkii screen better or worse
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    Any News On Smash Gp 2x?

    awsome news :D thanks people
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    Any News On Smash Gp 2x?

    is there any more news on smash gp 2x?
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    Sd Card Fatal Error - Eep

    could try scandisk that might work i had the same problem with my mates mp3 player fixed that right up :) hope this helps
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    Bob Ross Game???

    yes nothing like getting mashed and watching the joy of painting :D happy lil tree :D has anyone else ever had a joy of painting momemnt its when u look at something that looks mess up blink and it looks beautiful :D (just like the joy of painting when he sploges a bit of black paint on the...