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  1. Magic Sam

    Release Hydra Castle Labyrinth

    Hi all, Hydra Castle Labyrinth has been ported to Dreamcast ! :D Cheers, Magic Sam
  2. Magic Sam

    Release Ultima 7 (exult)

    Hi all ! @Pickle : yes, I played UO a little a long time ago, at the end of the 90's or early 00's, I don't remember. Connection was quite poor with on 56k modem, that's why I'd like to give it another go now :) Cheers, Magic Sam
  3. Magic Sam

    [Portrequest] Return to the roots (Settlers 2)

    Hi all ! Here I am again, grave digging through all these old threads :D Return to the Roots seems to be in a rather good shape now, complete with ARM optimizations...
  4. Magic Sam

    Release Ultima 7 (exult)

    Hi all ! Not really related to Ultima 7, but... I wouldn't mind playing Ultima Online on the Pandora / Pyra :D I wonder whether this could work with the "free to play" UO: Endless Journey... Cheers...
  5. Magic Sam

    Beta Need for Speed II SE

    Hi all :) @ptitSeb : do you think this NFS1 clone would run on the Pandora / Pyra ? Cheers, Magic Sam
  6. Magic Sam

    Release Jazz Jackrabbit 2

    Hi all :) Jazz² Resurrection: An open-source reimplementation of Jazz Jackrabbit 2: Cheers, Magic Sam
  7. Magic Sam

    Port Requests

    Hi all :) Requires a recent Rust version to build though... Cheers, Magic Sam
  8. Magic Sam

    Release Mupen64Plus 2.2

    Hi all, Some interesting, loosely related N64 news:
  9. Magic Sam

    Release Arkos Tracker 2

    @ptitSeb : I totally understand, don't worry. In my defense, I can't use my Pandora at the moment (sent it months ago for repair to ED, and it only came back from Germany yesterday). The parcel arrived at my workplace though, ~60kms from where I live (and where I work from home). To make...
  10. Magic Sam

    Release Arkos Tracker 2

    Hi all :) @ptitSeb : any luck with that JUCE framework on the Pandora ? Cheers, Magic Sam
  11. Magic Sam

    Release Arkos Tracker 2

    @ptitSeb : we already have received a reply :) Any prior experience with JUCE framework ? Cheers, Magic Sam
  12. Magic Sam

    Release Arkos Tracker 2

    Mail sent :) Cheers, Magic Sam
  13. Magic Sam

    Release Arkos Tracker 2

    Hi all ! @ptitSeb : I'll send "Julien" an e-mail then :) May I share your address with him, for later discussions ? Cheers, Magic Sam
  14. Magic Sam

    Release Arkos Tracker 2

    Hi all ! @ptitSeb : I just talked to one of my colleagues who knows that "Julien" behind Arkos Tracker 2. He told me the man wouldn't mind giving access to the source code, and actually would be pretty pleased to see his work ported to a new platform :) Is it worth a shot ? Cheers, Magic Sam
  15. Magic Sam

    Release DooM 64 EX

    Hi all :) An interesting article about DooM 64 on "The Verge": Cheers and take care, Magic Sam
  16. Magic Sam

    (Update) [DooM] 2019 Cacowards Ceremony

    Hi all :) As soon as my Pandora comes back from @EvilDragon 's shop, I PROMISE I'll give Odamex 0.8.x a try. Cheers, Magic Sam
  17. Magic Sam

    Release Xash3D - Half Life

    Hi all :) Every Half-Life Game Is Now Free On Steam: Cheers, Magic Sam
  18. Magic Sam

    Port Requests

    Hi all, TerryCavanagh's vvvvvv is now open source on github: Cheers, Magic Sam
  19. Magic Sam

    Port Requests

    Hi all, and Happy New Year !!! I wouldn't mind playing an official port of Payback on the Pandora and / or the Pyra: This game is closed source but it had been ported to the GP2X back in the days, and should already be playable through GINGE if I...
  20. Magic Sam

    Happy new Year

    Hi :) I wish you all an Happy New Year 2020 !!! Cheers, Magic Sam