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    I ran into a couple of GP2X users at Dragon*Con ( over the weekend, although I can’t remember anybodies names… So who was there?
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    How To Ask For Improvements Or New Features

    Introduction: It seems that at any given time there are at least 2 threads on the first page of the general chat forums which start from the negative stand point of how some program on the GP2X “sucks” and then proceeds to demand that someone makes a better one. This is extremely...
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    Perma Write Protected Sd-card

    My 2gb A-Data MyFlash 150x SD card is now permanently stuck in write protected mode. The tiny little switch on the side of the card fell off and I have no idea where it went. Whenever I stick the card in my card reader it nows sees the card as write protected. I read that one possible...
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    Psp Get A Flash Player

    Saw this today: and it really caught my eye. I suspect that this project is based on Gnash ( given its limitations and that the developer is promising to release the source in a couple of days. This might make for...
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    Guru Granularity

    I think it would be best if there was more granularity to the guru status as to increase the meaning of the badge. I think the following groups would need to be created: GP32 Guru =Bronze= GP32 Guru =Silver= GP32 Guru =Gold= GP2X Guru =Bronze= GP2X Guru =Silver= GP2X Guru =Gold= Guru...
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    Gp2x Gpl Faq

    **1.4.0 Kernel Source Released!** GPH Have released the source code to the modified Linux kernel used by the GP2X's 1.4.0 firmware. This a major step forward towards GPL compliance. GPH still has several other things they must do before they are completely in compliance but this is a good...
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    Half-life Running On Ipod Linux

    Spotted in the blog-o-sphere: Direct Video Link: The above give me great hope that Half-Life (ONE) is quite do-able on the GP2X. Thoughts?
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    Neogeo Mvs Bounty

    In the free open source software world when you want something done and you don't have the means to do it yourself, your only real option (beyond whining and complaining) is paying somebody else to do it. If I were to write up a specific requirements list for a NeoGeo MVS emulator, who would...
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    News On

    This brings up several intresting questions: 1- What hardware problems? If there are hardware problems what happens to thoese of us who already have units? 2- TV-out cables in 1-2 weeks, confirmed? 3- New firmware will fix 2gb sd cards and the buggy USB connection -- and when will that be...
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    Wanted: Guide To Deving Under Ubuntu

    It seems like all the guides I’ve found to getting with a cross-complier are all geared towards Windows and not Linux. Can anybody write up or point me towards how to get setup under Ubuntu?
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    GP32 Wanted: Guide To Deving Under Ubuntu

    -edit- Posted in wrong forum...
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    Gorilla Skin

    Gorilla + Linux Red Flair + Dijitao = Download Gorilla GP2X Skin
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    Black Screen With Neocdgp2x

    I'm getting a black screen why I try to run NeoCDGP2X. Here's what I've done so far: Updated Firmware to 1.01 (this can be confirmed by the new light green startup screen) Downloaded the gp2x SDL Libraries (Dated: 18/11/2005) and extracted the contents to the root of my sd card Ran...
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    Request For Sticky Threads

    This is getting out of control. Just as we have ‘Is The Screen Protector Removable?”, I think a few more threads added to the important topics list so we can try to cut down on the amount of duplication, and I think these should be individual topics and not lumped into one big GP2X problems...
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    GP2X Virtual Rom

    In my thread “Question About Neo Geo Mvs Emulation” ( I eventually reached the conclusion that the best hope for dealing with ROMs larger then what the GP2X can fit into RAM was to implement a caching system that would keep as much of the ROM...
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    Mips Vs Arm

    While it is pretty much impossible to know till the actual hardware is out there, I think a lot of us had our hopes up the 200Mhz ARM processor of the GP2X would be very close performance wise to the 333Mhz (let’s not argue about weather or not the psp’s processor is 333Mhz and just accept it...
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    Question About Neo Geo Mvs Emulation

    I got to thinking about those big Neo Geo carts again and it occurred to me that since they're read only, why again do we need to pull the entire thing into ram? Is the speed of the rom on a Neo Geo cartridge really that much faster then a high speed SD card? If the games rom is stored...
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    What's Up With All The Slashdot Hate?

    After seeing a couple of threads go down in flames, I thought it might be a good idea to try to pull that argument over into its own thread. There appears to be 3 types of people on these forums- typeA “GP32 Vet”) This type has been here since before the GP2X was even a rumor. Interest in...
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    Cps1/2 Emulation

    Reference: So as of right now it looks like NeoGeo MVS doesn’t have anybody working on it as the much easier task of NeoGeo CD is getting the attention of developers. The big obvious problem with the MVS is those colossal...
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    GP2X List Of Sdl Games That Needs To Be Sorted Through

    If anybody's got any time to look over a couple hundred games: I'm sure there's a few gems on that list somewhere.