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  1. aggaz


    Hi all, I just released a little PrBoom launcher written in python. I think is better in respect to others because makes possible to launch mods in a easy way. Here follows the README file. PyBoom is a little PrBoom launcher deeloped for CAANOO. Is an alternative to PickleLauncher that...
  2. aggaz

    Defective Joystick

    Hi all, I need a little help here. As the title said my caanoo seems to have a defective joystick. The problem started 2 days ago. When I play something, sometimes the joystick sends a "go down" command even if i do not touch it. It happens not always, but with all the games. I have not...
  3. aggaz


    I want you to know that I compiled PDa (pd-anywhere) for caanoo and that it is available for download on PDa is a port of Pd (PureData) for PDAs, and it was compiled also for gp2x some time ago. Pd is a graphical programming language for musicians, it makes easy to develop...