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  1. pimaster

    We need more drama. So here's another video.

    I didn't think it was drama. We all had our concerns. And you've swooped in and seem pretty confident with your direction. I'll take that. Careful feeding us so much news in short periods of time, we'll come to expect it! Most importantly it was good to see you excited about news in this video...
  2. pimaster

    Omap5432 Dev board

    Gar! I got mine from
  3. pimaster

    A video. Again. Mostly about cases.

    I don't envy the decision that ED has to make. I bought new feet for my mouse and I was sick of the sticky feeling that I assumed was just sweat that had built up. I tried washing the shell with different soaps but I found it easier to scrape the problem off. I'm starting to think that the layer...
  4. pimaster

    Even more to see here (now)

    If you aren't going to give a damn what others say, why should others give a damn about what you say? Why put any effort at all into talking, or replying?
  5. pimaster

    A video. Again. Mostly about cases.

    1 shot video was great. 20 minutes feels like long enough though unless you have a lot more content to cover. The cases look fine. I know there are visible marks but you had to work hard to find them in the light. With the keyboard lighting and the logo lighting surely they'd almost disappear. I...
  6. pimaster

    Pyra Gitlab access

    Yes, a webpage can be rendered at different resolutions, like 1080 OR 720. But can a single process render 1080 AND 720 at the same time since it is meant to be "mirrored". No (as others have mentioned). Could it still be considered mirroring if the browser was able to apply different media...
  7. pimaster

    Pyra Gitlab access

    I don't think the limitation is a pyra thing, but a mirroring thing. If you mirror one 720p screen, it'll be 720p on the other. Could you imagine a webpage being rendered on the built in screen at 720p then magically re-rendered at 1080p on the other? Wouldn't happen.
  8. pimaster

    Pyra Gitlab access

    There are definitely some limitations to what you can do. Battery, sound, volume wheel and additional inputs are probably out. I can get Firefox working with the install from but when I compile the kernel myself and use the image from...
  9. pimaster

    Pyra Gitlab access doesn't look empty to me. I can't remember if the repo uses the same credentials as the forum or if you have to sign up again. Have you found the OS repo at ? Apparently that should run on a Raspberry Pi 3B+ if...
  10. pimaster

    Pyra News: Springs are brilliant!

    Gar. Fixed the link. Don't know why the last . got moved outside the link.
  11. pimaster

    Pyra News: Springs are brilliant!

    T.T.T. Put up in a place where it's easy to see the cryptic admonishment T.T.T. When you feel how depressingly slowly you climb, it's well to remember that Things Take Time. -edit- Trying to fix link
  12. pimaster

    Pyra News: Springs are brilliant!

    Thanks guys, there was even a pretty picture showing the problem. Guess I don't pay as much attention to a wally post as I do an ED post :P
  13. pimaster

    Pyra News: Springs are brilliant!

    Did I miss the solution to some keys not working correctly? I think they were ; and ' keys in the bottom left. Was that just a software issue? Where the diodes in backwards?
  14. pimaster

    Is it ok to distribute an OS with a passwordless ssh root access... ?

    I feel dirty voting yes but I thought it'd be interesting to discuss. Raspbian comes with a default user who has sudo access. A default password is just as bad as no password. (Now that I've started to think about it, SSH access may not be on by default). What are the chances of deploying a...
  15. pimaster

    Not much text here. Just a video.

    If video is needed, like to show off a finished prototype and the state of the testing software, as long as video editing isn't too demanding on time, a quick video is awesome. It was really good to see you looking refreshed. You may have sounded a little exhausted in the last one. The picture...
  16. pimaster

    1ghz Pandora for sale

    I tried but failed. It'll be interesting to hear if someone from around here bought it.
  17. pimaster

    Some personal stuff - and prototypes building!

    Whilst I appreciate ED wanting perfection and exploring different options for improving the case, I was a little amused by the switch controllers when they arrived. I think some of this is wear now but there was a noticeable 'defect' in the plastic. The best bit is now I understand why those...
  18. pimaster

    full OMAP5 documentation

    Just because I did some reading: From the cortex_a15_trm: 1.3 Features The Cortex-A15 MPCore processor includes the following features: • Full implementation of the ARMv7-A architecture Whilst the OMAP5432TRM states: 7.1.2 Features The IPU subsystem integrates the following: • Two ARM...
  19. pimaster

    Some personal stuff - and prototypes building!

    I'm trying. Understanding the Kernel for the first time was a much bigger task than I thought it was going to be. I finally got through the 6000 page TRM for the OMAP5432 and it was exciting to see how detailed the TILER information was. How to apply it seemed conceptually easy. Write to memory...
  20. pimaster

    Preparing for the countdown...

    Bought the EVM board from digikey: Downloaded and compiled uBoot and kernel from (Mostly an uphill battle for an ADSL1 user) Currently at page 5000 of 6000 of the TRM for the...