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    Question About The Pc Engine/turbografx 16 Emulator

    yes! An apparent reason for me sticking with my GP32 and not getting the GP2X... PC Engine emulation :P
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    Drmd V5 Beta 8 - Gp32 Release

    Haven't postet here in like forever (gp32-owner not gp2x-owner) but I do still frequently read the boards. I was actually trying to set up the new Drmd for my parents new BLU (they actually wore out their FLU) . I kept getting the "0 roms scanned"-message although I tryed all sort of things...
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    The Game Of The Consoles

    Actually this is kind of interesting. It forces you to pick 1 game above every other good game released for a console. So the list I'll write down is pretty much made the first "best" game I thought of on each console. PSX: Tekken 3 PS2: Guitar Hero DC: Soul Calibur SNES: Chrono Trigger GBA...
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    Recommend Me Some Music

    Some Electronica/Micromusic suggestions from me. Psilodump (Pretty much everything he's made) Din Stalker (If nothing else.... then just "Kristi Rus") But if you want to explore that whole genre then here are a few links: (I don't what's up...
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    Amiga Suxorz!!!11 What A.. No Carrier

    Man... Radek sure know a lot about all this stuff. Very interesting... even if I only understand half of it...
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    Retro Game Music Remixes.

    Man that must have been a lot of work. That IS pretty accurate - thus I wonder why the main tune is different. I still prefer the original however - I was just cleaining my flat and tried listening to them both on repeat. Some instruments does seem better quality, but I overall I think your...
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    First Games

    I can actually beat that! My first console was the GP32 :o And got a PS2, DC and X-box a while after. But I grew up with gaming-computers like C-64 and Amiga 500. I did however discover emulation in the last half of the 90'es and I seriously began playing SNES and Genesis games more on my PC...
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    Whos Done The Most Soldering On Their Gp2x's

    awww.... As I recall that joypad you made looked cool! Of cause if it doesn't play well...
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    Best Pc Engine Games

    Aero Blasters is a personal favorite of mine and the PC Engine version is more playable than the Genesis version IMO. It's not on the GP32Spain list either, but that list is pretty flawed simply because there's not enough votes. It doesn't even go all the way to 100 - You could get ant geme on...
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    Do You Own A Gp2x?

    Well, there are a couple of GP32-user on this board that never made the switch to GP2X (like me).
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    First Games

    Some simple "shoot something in the 1st-level and se what's behind 1 of 3 doors"-game my big brother made for some pre-C64 computer we had... But remember the later C64-experience more... Particulary after I learned to type Load"*",8,1 or whatever
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    Retro Game Music Remixes.

    I actually got that CD somewhere. It came with the Command & Conquer game when I bought that quite a few years back. Actually when you think about it... It's rather strange that C&C Generals only had 3 music-scores (1 for each faction), since both the original C&C and Red Alert had quite a few...
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    Retro Game Music Remixes.

    Been a while since I've checked their homepage. Living in denmark It's to bad that I missed the TV-coverage of the band. I know it was made for local-TV, but local-stories like these usually get shown on a program that picks the local stories worth mentioning (which I believe this is :) )
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    Retro Game Music Remixes.

    I frequent those pages all the the time (Remix64 & AmigaRemix). Over all the quality of the c64-remixes are better than the Amiga-remixes. Probably because there is more to work with since the Amiga originals are pretty perfect already. As an example: I still haven't found a remix of the...
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    X-box On Pc-monitor?

    Hi, I've just got a new monitor, so I've suddently got a spare. So I was playing some mame on my X-box yesterday, and looked slightly over at my monitor which was beside my bar-closet in the corner... I suddently got the Idea: "You could totally fit a monitor i the top of one of these...
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    Etw - Eat The Whistle

    This reminds me... I noticed the other day that there's comming a new "Sensible Soccer"-soccer for PC/PS2/X-box. In june I think.
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    Vektar On The 2.0 Firmware Nand

    Funny... There has already been 2 recent threads that has drawn attention to this game :-) Edit: Actually... Can someone explain how Vektar plays. I already figured that it couldn't play like Geometry Wars/Grid Wars since the GP2x doesn't have 2 sticks. I then figured it might be more like...
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    Play Me !! 111

    mmm.. ok - I've got a P4 2,66 with 768 mb ram, ATI Radeon 9600 128mb (I think). However the graphicscard doesn't work quite as intended ever since a power-blackout... I don't really play PC games that much anyway. Don't get me wrong: It's quite playable. I just noticed that it slowed down...
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    Play Me !! 111

    Yeah, I think I noticed the other post about this game. I ignored the recommendation at fist however, which I really shouldn't have... This game is great! It's been getting more playtime these couple of days, than anything else I have. I does however tend have slowdown when the screen get's...
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    Should I Buy An Xbox 360?

    You should hardly decide based on nay-sayers that don't event bother leaving a post telleing you why... Their "no" could mean anything from "just wait a while" to "The 360 sucks". You should really have explained the reason for the consideration (playing Oblivion) a bit earlier if people where...