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    Sharp Zaurus Sl-C1000

    Hi not been on here in yeeeeeaaarss. Anyway I just found my old Sharp Zaurus SL-C1000 and was wondering if anyone knew how much (if anything) they are worth these days ? Have a wireless card with it too. Checked on google and couldn't see much about anywhere selling them or any on ebay.
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    Pico Projectors

    where did you get it ? and let me knwo if its anygood i was looking at something liek this the other day but it was an aiptek one.
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    Red Dwarfe

    I thought they were quite pants really :( Series 8 and kind of 7 were quite crap too. The rest is great ! Just started to watch the new ones rigth now and good example of how they messed it up is the scutters are cgi now. Why would they do that ?
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    How Many Of You Own An Arcade Cabinet?

    I have a killer instinct cab wich is in quite good condition it think ! I have a 1069 pcb wich is basically a little pc that has a jamma connection and i also have a hyper neogeo 64 with the 4 fighting games and i think i will soon have a ATOMISWAVE with 3 or maybe more games including kofxi ...
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    How Do You Find And Download Files From Rapidshare?

    Forums mainly or google
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    I Need To Know A Name Of A Certain Game

    so you are in a car and you can shoot ? :EDIT MAd Crasher ?
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    My Killer Instinct Cab With 1000 In 1 Pcb

    Just got MUGEN working on my xxxx in 1 now too :D Here MUGEN All Characters BAttle Zero running on my cab ------> MUGEN on my cab
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    The ^ Game

    < are you ok yes
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    My Killer Instinct Cab With 1000 In 1 Pcb

    I think it is that list but ive started adding to it today. Its not as easy as just adding roms since its all run through a front end and a chinese windows 2000. Today my new 2.8ghz cpu came so i replaced the 1.7 with the 2.8 and then added killer instinct and it runs full speed :P so now my...
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    why ? you are only a few weeks earlier than them.
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    My Killer Instinct Cab With 1000 In 1 Pcb

    Its in my room now :D:D. Me and a friend did it on our own ! either my friend was alot stronger than my brother or the monitor coming out made a big difference :D. Still tryin to fix my room as my room is still a mess and i have the ki cab plus 2 pachislo machines in my room now :D. I will...
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    My Killer Instinct Cab With 1000 In 1 Pcb

    took the monitor out last night wich has took a bit of weight out it. Goin to see what else can take out then get at least 4 people this time.
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    My Killer Instinct Cab With 1000 In 1 Pcb

    have a look HERE for more info and stuff about the 1000 in 1 pcb. its basically a pc that has jamma connectors. but i dont think its as simple as that as ive read about adding stuff and its not quite as simple as adding games to a pc. Theres plenty of games on it tho. People have been adding...
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    My Killer Instinct Cab With 1000 In 1 Pcb

    Here me showing off again with a new toy :P My KI cab on youtube Im showing off nwo but a little earlier i was tryin to get it up the stairs with my brother and i nearly died as it came down on top of me :(. Anyoen have any suggerstions about gettin a huge ki cab up stairs ? or any one live...
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    Hmv Portable Hand Held Mega Drive £29.99

    Thought some here might like this -----> 20 built in games and tv out cable looks quite good. Alex Kidd Alien Storm Altered Beast Arrow Flash Columns III Crack Down Decap Attack Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine E-SWAT Cyber Police...
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    My Street Fighter 2 Pachislo Machine :d

    Ive not been on here in ages but i just got a street fighter pachislo yesterday and thought id let yous see it :P. Its basically a japanese fruitmachine. heres a video of one of the bonus rounds too where it plays lots of music and you win lots of tokens :) Mine is fitted with a volume...
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    Who Plays Mame On Kaillera? Or Anythin On Kaillera

    Rigth who plays mame on kaillera ? or any other emu on kaillera ? Im thinkin about makin a forum if i can about kaillera and its many emulators. Im sick of goin on kaillera and finding only street fiughetr 3 and winning eleven gAMES on there. I want to play other games and organiuse other...
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    E3 Thoughtsfli

    ive got them all ps3 xbox and wii. alwasy felt the 360 is best even tho ive always wnated to liek ther ps3 better but i cant. I thought all conferemces were very boring and nothing too interesting but istill think once sony have HOME that will be it sony will be the best and will win but right...
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    What Was The Best Generation Of Gaming?

    i think they are all good. without 1 there wouldnt be 2 and without 2 there wouldnt be 3 and so on. But really my first time playing games was on the atari 800xl it was great and my whole family was playing it so i think that time was good must have been around the mid 80s.