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    Collecting Wishlists For A 2d Game Development System

    I can give you a good example for a professional 3d game engine, which is REALLY user friendly: take a look at the trial version of unity3d (, if you have a mac (win version istn available yet) you can build the whole game in one mighty editor (well, except the graphical...
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    Python And Pygame

    Will there be a possibility to create python standalones? I didn't find any programms (like py2exe for windows) for ARM to convert python scripts to standalones. the performance would be much better as standalone, wouldn't it? (excuse me i am c++ programmer most of the time - doing my first...
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    My Gory Game Has A Trailer

    the trailer rocks ;) i like that kind of dark-humor keep up the good work
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    Sd-card Speed?

    Hi as i just searched for some good sds for the pandora i found that there might be huge differences in writing / reading speed and durability. so if one uses a sd as harddrive, just like pandora aims to do, would a cheap sd be a bottleneck for performance? do i have performance boosts if i...
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    The Pandora Port Request Thread

    What solution do you have for multiplayer support?? Is anybody about to port RAKNET or another powerful lib for networking?
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    Liste aller Emulatoren

    Ah da sprech ich ja gleich mit der Quelle ;) Ich meinte obs jemand vor hat das zu porten, hab leider noch nicht viel über network libraries gehört für Pandora bisher, oder gibts da schon Ideen?
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    Liste aller Emulatoren

    Gibts von raknet nen port für Pandora? Suche noch nach ner schönen networking lib für mein Vorhaben ;)
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    Open Kaillera - Net Play On Pandora? * 2008 Thread *

    sorry i didnt know its about emulator networking only ;) i was wondering which library to use for own homebrew games
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    Open Kaillera - Net Play On Pandora? * 2008 Thread *

    Afaik RakNet is open-source, is someone about to port that one?
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    A Few Q's..

    i just noticed that you are able to MAKE a engineXYZ.a file, which one should copy in lib/Linux to make the binaries work, what about that solution?
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    A Few Q's..

    Do i have to recompile .DLL files even if they are cross-platform? f.ex.: i use engineXYZ which runs on linux/windows/mac etc. to build my game this engine even has open GL ES 2.0 support if i build binaries for windows, i need to put the engineXYZ.dll in the folder the game.exe is what if i...
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    Where To Start?

    Mh would something like this tutorial for gp2x be possible for pandora, too? So i could go with two .sln files - one for pandora output and one for windows output for debugging? As result i would get my game.exe + additional DLLs, or...
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    D für Pandora

    Hab ich mir fast gedacht ja ;) Naja wenn wer da ne gute Pipeline mit D zusammenkriegt mit der man anständig was basteln kann, würde ich mir das mal anschauen. D klingt doch sehr verlockend, auch für mich als "alten" C++ Hasen.
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    3d Graphics Demo

    As far as is know it's about to be ported? See this thread in the irrlicht forum:
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    D für Pandora

    Hi, D ist doch nur C kompatibel und nicht C++, oder? Gibts für D überhaupt OpenGL ES 2.0 Engines oder was in der Art, oder wie wollt ihr da vorgehen?? Nur so aus Interesse :) Gab
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    Horde3d Shader Based Engine Opengl Es 2.0 Port

    *Push* Any news on porting Horde3d to ES 2.0 ???
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    iPhone Applikationen auf der Pandora?

    Mh bin ja Programmierer, so ists nicht, aber mit der Engine gehts halt schneller als selbst in C++ rumzubasteln. Hab jetzt im englischen Forum mal nachgefragt, dort sind die Leute eher skeptisch, da es anscheinend auch die EULA von Apple brechen würde. Also schaut anscheinend schlecht aus...
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    Iphone OS on Pandora

    The iPhone is using an ARM processor, too afaik. Something like an emulator isn't possible then, is it?
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    Iphone OS on Pandora

    Anyone knows if Apple apps could run on Pandora? (without porting them)