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  1. Alec

    Certificate issue on

    Thank you!
  2. Alec

    Certificate issue on

    Starting Wednesday, there's been an issue with the site's certificate. With a browser everything is fine, but with something like curl or wget it fails: $ curl curl: (60) SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer...
  3. Alec

    The Future of Pyra's CPU

    Memory isn't necessarily attached on top. On RockPro64 (RK3399), the memory chips are separate, #3 and #18 on the diagram:
  4. Alec

    The Future of Pyra's CPU

    What about RK3328? It's 14X14 by 0.65mm (same area but 0.15mm taller than the i.MX8M Nano), and similar specs. I was really impressed with Rock64 because it's the first board I had where I built the latest mainline kernel and everything just worked. RockChip contributes directly upstream. It...
  5. Alec

    It's software this time!

    Gmail marked it as spam for me as well, would've missed it if it weren't for this thread.
  6. Alec

    Pyra news partially stale from the dragon's mouth

    So with the Pandora it was vans spontaneously combusting and a volcanic eruption, but with Pyra it's sickness, death and many other unspecified evils? Who writes this drama? This is backwards, they should pay more attention.
  7. Alec

    Welcome to the updated site!

    I'll fix it when I get home, should be pretty straightforward :)
  8. Alec

    A video. Again. Mostly about cases.

    I'm a bit torn on paint. On one hand, it would be good to have it give off an initial good impression. When I got my silver Pandora, my first thought was that it looked like a free toy you'd find in a cereal box. On the other hand, as when paint wears off, even if it's the same exact color...
  9. Alec

    The Final Revision

    There seems to be something weird with's certificate... If I open the page with Firefox, it's fine, but if I do it with Python or curl, it fails validation - both on EvilDragon's server and at home :confused: alec@rhea:~$ curl curl: (60) SSL certificate...
  10. Alec

    SSL cert not valid on brave/chrome android

    Seeing you're on windows, do you also get this issue when you open it in internet explorer? I suspect the issue might be with people having outdated CA certificates installed. I tried opening it in the built-in browser on my old Galaxy SII, and I also get an error. It's running KitKat 4.4...
  11. Alec

    I'm out of ideas for news-titles

    If anyone else was curious about that:
  12. Alec

    First ever Askarus newspost ;)

    On my first full time job, I remember it literally made my day when my then-manager emailed me "Very nice! Thanks." in response to something I did. With an exclamation mark! It was probably the best compliment I got in the year I had worked for him. Depending on who you work for, it can be...
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    We've started to order things!

    The memories :)
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    (current page number)²
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    Removing the Tapatalk advertisement

    The Tapatalk plugin is at it again... now with modal popup I'm getting this on Firefox for Android. It's reproducible when opening in a private tab.
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    Half-Life 3 for Pyra confirmed!