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    Reunited at last.

    Hi all, I pre-ordered a Pandora from Craig's shop way back in 2010 (I was fairly late to the game) and, after springing for a queue-upgrade during the summer of 2012, received my Rebirth-edition Pandora in Autumn. However, in May of this year my LCD cable went dodgy and I got the purple tint...
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    Crash/Freeze when charging, sometimes others times too.

    Hi all, I tried searching for similar crashes but I've got different symptoms to the ones that I found. Basically, when I plug in my pandora to charge (I always leave it on/in low power mode, btw), it crashes just about every time. The crash takes the form of a complete freeze. The screen...
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    Using the Pandora as a drawing tablet.

    After watching lots of videos from EvilDragon, the idea struck me that a touch-screen surface attached to an open device could present a handy opportunity. At first I just thought 'neat, I can practice non-mouse computer art using the pandora'. But then this occurred to me: Would it be...