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  1. Akabei

    Sqrxz 4

    SQRXZ 4 was released a few days after The Revision 2014 for various systems including the Caanoo. It's as hard as it can get, but if you have a high level of frustration it's great.
  2. Akabei

    Caanoo Article In The Amiga Future Magazine

    The actual Amiga Future magazine covers a three-sided review of the Caanoo. Maybe a little one-sided, as most of the article is talking about Amiga emulation(of course, it's an Amiga related magazine). Anyway, my(I had some kind of an interview in december 2011) very positive conclusion takes...
  3. Akabei

    Where Can I Buy The Pandora?

    Was a question a lot of people were asking over the past years and now... It's here:
  4. Akabei

    Spamming All Over?

    Even if this site moved to a new server, spam posts are getting more and more. ED seems to get rid of most spams on the german gp2x site, but here it's getting worse than ever. It's no real fun to enter here, just to see that every new post is spam.
  5. Akabei

    What Are Your Favourite 8/16 Bit Soundtracks/songs?

    I start with my Amiga and C64 favourites. I wish I'd still have my Commodore machines. :( The first one is my No.1 C64 chiptune: Supercycle by Bob Vieira. The next one is another C64 title called Forbidden Forest. One of those weird Cosmi games by...
  6. Akabei

    Retrode 2

    I wonder nobody discovered/mentioned this already. This nice little gadget lets you play/read out your SNES/Genesis modules with the original controllers on your PC. It works like an external usb-drive and there is no need for drivers and it seems to work with Pandora/Caanoo as well. Nobody here...
  7. Akabei

    Small Modding Project

    I just started a small modding project on my Caanoo. There will be no technical changes (though I´d like to do a d-pad conversion, but I´m by far not good enough to do so). Last Weekend I opened it see here and today I have cut the top of the screen bevel. The top is enough for me, though RZZ...
  8. Akabei

    Amiga Port Still Needed

    I think an Amiga port is still needed, because via Ginge there are faults in the mouse-emulation (pointer moves by pressing left or right mouse button), which is really annoying, because mouse-driven games are the ones, (almost) never needing a fast FPS-rate.