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  1. ashcloud

    Beta Rust Compiler

    Hi, finally I'm posting something in this section of the boards too :) Anyway, here is a rust compiler that runs on the Pandora: (80MB) sha256sum: ad13c8f03f83e033aed69ffe95cfb8291febf82a7ff79cefecfbe27c1ed40ad6 You will want to use this...
  2. ashcloud

    shoulder button broken - where to get spare parts?

    Hi there, some block of cobblestone hit my Pandora directly on the right sholder button. The button got torn off the board and was totally destroyed (The SMD part, NOT the plastic case). Fortunatly the solder pad seems to be fine. I could solder that myself, but I'm wondering which part to get...
  3. ashcloud

    Pyra Docking Station with Ethernet?

    Pyra with a full RJ-45 ethernet port built in won't happen, thats for sure. But I'm wondering, if the SoC used in the Pyra has Gigabit Ethernet capabilities. In this case ethernet could be featured on an expansion port, so you could use it at home on the docking station. At home I often use my...
  4. ashcloud

    Pinkerton Road

    Whoever likes adventure games, maybe has heard about Jane Jensen. She was a writer for Sierra On-Line before. Now she has founded her own game studio named Pinkerton Road and wants to make some more awesome games. She's also doing a funding campaign on kickstarter and backers are able to vote...
  5. ashcloud

    Pandora 2 and which OS?

    Hehe, needed to start another one of those Pandora 2 spam threads ;)
  6. ashcloud

    What happened to dragonbox?

    Hi ED, you once had a server running on with some e-cards depicting some cute (and probably evil) dragons. What have you done to your little dragon family there? I don't want to think about it! That's evil! How could you do such a thing! ;)
  7. ashcloud

    The Unofficial No Blue Protoman Thread

    This thread is to not discuss Blue Protoman. I think this is a wonderful community, so let's discuss everyone else... Sorry, I can't resist ;)
  8. ashcloud


    Hi there, what do you think about this game? Its a very old game that was played in text mode on unix systems. But now there is also a graphical client. Sadly this game got forgotten and so there is nothing happening on any server. Just take a look at...