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  1. Gren


    Hey guys, I backed this a few days ago:- Basically it's a laptop shell that connects to your android phone giving you a screen, keyboard and trackpad, and also provides 8 hours of charge. I believe there's also talk of connectivity for the RPi. It provides a desktop-like experience for...
  2. Gren

    Quick Pandora (And Carry Case) Video

    Hi everyone, My panda came this morning. It's almost unreal that it's actually here in my hands - today has been very surreal :P Been out for most of the day, so had limited time to play, but I wanted to post a quick video for everyone still waiting (already posted this on the official...
  3. Gren

    Shipping and order numbers

    Yes. I'm excited. And it must be close. 650-750 for me (GBAX.COM). Question :- Has anyone over 600 in Craig's list received their shipping email, or the actual unit?! Maybe if you're over 550 you could also comment? That is all. B)
  4. Gren

    Coding on the Pandora

    Hi fellow Pandorians Now that the units have started shipping again, my passion for making games for the Pandy has been re-ignited B) This was my main reason for ordering - but the shenagins of the last couple of years have dimmed the enthusiasm somewhat. I have no Linux/C/SDL...
  5. Gren

    Pandora news on TheRegister

    TheRegister has posted a news item on the 1000th Pandora :D Not sure how Craig will react to being called a "Geordie geek" though....
  6. Gren

    I Wanna Get Pandora-active!

    Hi everyone :) Not been logged on here for a (long, long) while, but have been lurking recently looking for pandora info following my pre-order! (I'm a long time GP32 and GP2X user but not very active forum user - sorry!) Thought I'd better sign back in and say hi! (after finally...
  7. Gren


    Hello! This is my 1st post on a GP32X forum (I've just registered) - but incredibly I bought my FLU GP32 back in early 2003 off Craig. (I have to admit to trolling on these boards for far too long!) I got it 'cos of an article in Edge (I think) about MAME emulation, and being a huge MAME fan...