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    Aluminium case for P2?

    As my title suggests, I would happily pay for an aluminium case. Plastic is so tasteless. I don't know if it is possible, but this could be a saling point. BTW: Even though aluminium is fully recyclable, it's not very environmental friendly considering it takes a heavy amount of electricity to...
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    MTK6859's kernel has gone opensource

    Sony has released MediaTek's soc MTK 6859's OSS buildable package. Even though it only contains the kernel source, and does not include the framework, it's better than nothing. I know nothing about this, so I will not make any additional comment. I hope some knowledgable saints would wake up...
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    Things we need to take into consideration when treading new grounds

    All x86's supporters here are basing their statement on the assumption that a x86 pandora 2 will be as easy to produce as an arm pandora 2. Technically speaking, they aren't very different. Since the processes are similar. However, this is starting a brand new project rather than coming up...
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    Virtual reality peripheral supports?

    After read through a few people's thought and experience of the oculus rift HD during their visit at the gamescom, it seems that the technology is almost there! Wouldn't it be a shame if all of our future applications are displayed in goggles and P2 would not take them? Oculus rift has DVI...
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    How are we going to make a lot of money?

    I think we all have some kind of good ideas about P2's specs, or name or how it should use a 50 inch oled screen which has not been developed yet. It's all very fun and sometimes infomative. (Special thanks to Exophase as he seems to be the wise man in this party) However, it all comes down to...
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    An idea pool for features that intends for professionals

    This is an thread started to gather ideas from all of you handsome and delightful gentlemen. Pandora started as a niche product that was intended as the perfect emulating machine, but it changes over the years due to all the apps made by proud members of the community. It's already playing an...
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    Does pandora need better marketing?

    During the last few month, members of the lively community are popping up all kinds of spec speculation and suggestions all around this sub, I was also guilty of this. However, after some brainstorming, better spec doesn't necessarily make pandora any mor People are popping up all kinds of spec...
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    How can we introduce better mouse input to P2?

    I recon P2 may be powerful enough to run some more advanced x86 based computer programs. Such as TES dagger fall and such.  Many of these games require player to hold down right mouse button to swing his sword and such. (People in the 90s must have 3 hands and 8 fingers on each hand) Some...
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    Is it possible to have micro-switch d-pad for P2?

    Micro-switch is kinda like the switches that can be found in arcade joysticks, but much smaller.  The only handhelds I know of that are using it are SNK's neogeo pocket color and neogeo x. It feels great, you know exactly in what directions you are pushing the stick towards and it has much...
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    In-depth pool for the next pandora

    What name shall ED give to the new pandora, and what's your reason behind it. I'm all for pandora HD or names similar. To my understanding, this is better for marketing purpose. However, this is just my subjective opinion.
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    I wonder what is the point of having top of the chart processing power?

    It has occurred to me that we are in an never-ending arm-race of hardwares. First is that Parellella super computer, then there are all these shoved to our face. It made think that should we follow their steps and try to get ahead of...