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    The Ninja

    IS the Ninja Project by Mr.Mirko dead? The Handheld I mean. I checked the site and there hasnt been news for months. Even with all the competition I'd still like to see it or at least see how far it can go.
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    Whilst away on holidays I had some time to think and came up with an idea for a product. I Personnally think it quite good and would be a handy thing for people to use. But how would I go about checking its not available or someone elses idea already and then doing some designs and a spec...
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    That Game...

    Does anyone remember that game annouced a while back. It had something to do with the sun. An RPG with very promising graphics. Expected release date this september. I want to find the website but can't find the post or anything. Is there any news on it or have they cancelled due to the GPx2
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    Ebay Scam??

    I just recieved an email off the Ebay Costumer Rep, saying I've been awarded $500, all I have to do is confirm my address. But theres some things that make me suspect. The email address ends with and the website I need to confirm is Anyone had this...
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    Retro Gamer Magazines

    I'm Selling my collection of magizines on Ebay, you can check it out here... Full of articles about the GP32, atari, spectrum, Dizzy, Scumm and With Free emulators and games on the cover discs... If the auction fails then I'm awilling...
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    Cosplay Costume

    I'm taking a year out, before long I'll finish my current course, but to keep myself busy I'm thinking of making clothes, for myself (at the moment I'm making a full length cord coat) but to have a try at my future career plan, to see what it would be like on a small level, I'm thinking of...
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    Anorexia Site..

    NWS While talking to a class mate today about my Final Major Project, she brought up this site... Starving for Perfection I viewed it just now, It's a support group for Anorexic people, gives them idols and rules to obey but also apparently supports people trying to escape thier disorder. As...
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    Help Please

    I've been trying now for ages to get some decent images of adam ant in the Prince Charming Video I've searched google and everything but it hasn't helped me at all. I really need the for my New Romantic/18th Century Fashion project. and all i want is 5/6 images from the video of the costumes...
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    Free Mobile Phone Emu's And Homebrew

    Does anyone have any good links to homebrew java games and emulators. I found Vnes that works on my phone but its only a trial copy. I remember someone posted something about it a while back but after looking though 30 pages I've giving up. Oh and my phone can't run .sis files, is there a way...
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    GP32 Decided To Take The Plunge...

    I'm planning on picking up Visual Studio to learn Visual basic as recommend as a first step then Visual C++. I have but a few Questions. 1. Am I right by starting to learn a basic language first? 2.Recommendations on Books/Free Tutorials?
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    Trying To Remember A Couple Of Genesis Games

    Theres 2 genesis games I want to go back too but cannot remember the titles for the life of me 1. The front cover had a guy and girl on a roller coaster. In the game the girl gets kidnapped, I think, by some magical bad guy, you enter the game as the guy and play though loads of levels in a 2d...
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    2 Asr's Available On Ebay Uk

    Just thought I'll annouce this as many people are searching for them. On Limited Edition ASR pack, with everything included: and 4 games and NLU: Yes am aware this should...
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    Nintendo Ds Price

    I went shopping today and I saw NDS Preorder for a total of £99.99. I'm completed shocked by this and slap a fiver down striaght away. Now thats one way to beat the PSP. Sorry jus thought I'll share
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    Help Please.

    I got spyware on my PC while researching for my fashion essay. 5 pop-ups came up and inserted "about:blank" as my home page. I can't access my email acount while its there as it will just go back to the home page. I've used ad-aware and microsoft anti spyware. They claim to get rid of it and...
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    Crap Games Comp...

    Is it me or is the crap games competion just a reason to be mean to thier creators. Look at the site and you see what I mean. It's a way to vent some of the hatred of some of the hard work at games. Does anyone agree with me?
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    Webspace And Email

    I want to start a new email account and get some webspace (20-50megs will do for now) For webspace one with a build in ftp would be the best. like lycos. Thanks for any help.
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    Portable Snes Check it out, all the button, 5" screen, I think it looks good but not with the price tag. Oh yeah, 6 AA batteries, I have a feeling it'll drain them all in an hour Check out his site, he has the original psp
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    Gba Sp Vs Ds

    I'm thinking of getting a DS in which case I'll be selling my Zelda Golden (painted) GBA SP. I wouldn't be getting a DS game for about a month after that (better to sell now to make more cash). So I'm wondering, What are GBA games like on the DS? Better Quality, or worse? loss of...
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    Smc Labels And Plastic Bonding Paint At The Uk

    I'm Trying to costumize my gp32 and SMC's to be special to me. Also with a Flu I am buying I will be using it as a gift after I do a paint job. I've Search Google and the forums and it's either forgien or buisness package (lots of ££) I know the labels must be 25mm x 33mm but can not find any...
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    Any News On A Pdf Viewer

    I have searched for a pdf viewer and scourered the intrenet for a source code for one. I would love to have a pdf viewer on my gp32 even it it can only run limited file sizes, with l/r to change pages. I've found 2 source codes for a pc pdf viewer and I think theres one for a palm version but...