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  1. RollingHaro

    SOLD - Pandora 1Ghz Deluxe pack

    Wouldn't it just be easier to list this on eBay? Or wouldn't you rather just tell us the price you want for it? I mean, a new Pandora 1GHz megapack (last one just sold out earlier today or yesterday apparently) on the DragonBox shop is already $450+ with tax and VAT, so couldn't you just go...
  2. RollingHaro

    SOLD - Pandora Rebirth Edition for trade/sale

    How's the battery life at this point?
  3. RollingHaro

    WTB Open Pandora 1GHz

    I've currently looking to buy an OpenPandora. I live in the US around the southwest area. If you have a working 1GHz version and are willing to part with it, please PM me. I haven't had much luck finding anything in the DragonBox store, and anything on ebay is either over-priced or gets...
  4. RollingHaro

    Best for emulation?

    Aww, way to get my hopes up. Is PSP emulation even possible on the OpenPandora console?
  5. RollingHaro

    Best for emulation?

    Oh gawd yes. Does the Pandora really have PSP emulation capabilities? If that's the case, expect a fully-loaded PSP Go and a fully-loaded GP2X F100 on eBay some time soon.