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    There is an Intellivision emulator for Android available at:
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    Caanoo, Noticeably Brighter On The Lower Part Of The Screen

    Just got my Caanoo and am liking it so far, but I noticed the LCD is very noticeablt brighter on the lower part of the display. Anyone else seeing this with theirs? Thanks in advance.
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    Well, there should be another free slot now for someone waiting for their Pandora. I could grumble on about the chaotic and imcomplete communication process with the Pandora scenario, but I really do hope things work out in the long run for Craig & Co. If the day comes when I can order an in...
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    New Gp2x With Keyboard? [Fake] GP2X redesign coming, complete with touch screen and keyboard While current talk may well be on the GP2X Wiz, it seems GamePark Holdings has a little surprise up their sleeves as they have been redesigning the current GP2X. According to...
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    Fyi: Pandora Order Information *action Required*

    Figured I would post, just in case any other people from Canada are wondering about their status. Will reorder upon receipt of refund.... looking forward to new tiny toys!!!
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    Online Ordering

    Hi, I made an order from after seeing positive posts about the website here in the forums. Well, I checked my account after the weekend, and it noted that I had not made any orders. All the same the PayPal transaction had gone through. Since then, I have emailed and...
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    Just Flashed My Psp To V 2.0

    Well, jumped off the homebrew edge with my PSP and flashed it to get the WEB browsing. It works, but I did crash at It's a start anyway. Not too worried about homebrew stuff since my GP32 covers almost all the systems I would like emulated anyway. (and I am not at all...
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    Pushy Bomberman

    Anyone here familiar with the arena in Super Bomberman2 for the SNES that does not allow the players to walk through each other? Nothing in Bomberman is remotely as fun as this level (as you can push each other around and block people within range of a blast while staying just outside...
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    Psp Homebrews Now Possible?

    from This tool takes an elf file compiled for psp and "converts" it into a PBP file. You can then copy this pbp file to a subdir in "PSP/GAME" on your memcard (eg to "PSP/GAME/APP1/EBOOT.PBP") This tool has been designed so that you could run it at the end of...
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    Where To Download A Windows Version Of .34?

    I am having a bit of trouble with my ROM's and was wondering if anyone knows where to download a (non-command line) Windows version of MAME .34 which would correspond to the GP32 Mame. (I am wanting to test the ROM's on the PC without having to write, re-write, and re-write them to the SMC)...
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    Heads Up!!! Warning!!!

    I have a weakness for these TV game things, and pretty much bought all the arcade/console ones so far. They are generally "port boxes", not emulated nor running on the original hardware. That's not too bad, as long as the hardware used is at least superior to the original hardware (i.e., they...
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    Old American Game Systems To Be Emulated

    I read in the Intellivision Lives newsletter yesterday that Technosource has sold a million of the Intellivision 25in1's/10in1's, which is a pretty impressive number for a machine that probably sold about three million in it's heyday. Having said that, I wonder if anyone knows if an emulator is...
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    Anyone here have a GameKing? I recently ordered one, but am dying to find out what people (who have used it) think of it.
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    This Makes Me A Little Jealous...
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    Blaster For The 5200 -

    At they now have BLASTER available for the Atari 5200. Works well on the GP32...
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    for those interested, a Zodiac review...

    from,3973...,1365126,00.asp Review: Tapwave Zodiac PDA Final Thoughts Tapwave has their work cut out for them. They need to drive the Zodiac's price down to something gamers will be comfortable paying (perhaps by implementing a more aggressive software...
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    GamePark financial situation

    I don't know if anyone here knows GamePark's actual financial situation, but "financial difficulties" as it relates to Mitsui does not necessarily mean that GamePark is in financial trouble. Quite often, one of the more biggest roadblocks to the growth of companies is the ability to secure...
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    commercial releases this autumn?

    I am really pleased with the prices of GP32 software (especially at entware), and was wondering what everyone expects that will be released this fall. I am looking forward to buying 4-5 titles if quality stuff becomes available. PS: I would easily pay for an "8-bit" MAME for the GP32...
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    GP32 command reference available?

    Does anyone know of any GP32 command reference document that's available anywhere. Thanks in advance... Hwrd PS: Posted this in the wrong area, sorry.