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    Ziz's apps fixed for Wiz

    Hi everyone, Just in case, Ziz's apps are now fixed for Wiz (his Sparrow3D lib made the Wiz crash as he has no Wiz anymore to test on). Fixes are for: Meteoroid3d Snowman Glutexto Sparrow C4A Manager Puzzletube Hase may be updated as well in a few according to the author. So here his page...
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    Important : Wanna Buy A Jtag.

    Yo. I did a bad flash so if anyone could sell me a JTAG, I would be very grateful. I can buy it at any price (hmm not to much ;)). Please make me offers. Regards, Drumaster
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    My New Gp Doom Site Soon.

    Hi all. Just to tell you that I'm gonna change my site url soon (I'll give you it in this topic when I have it). My site will be separated into 2 parts : the PWADs which I worked on and those I only converted from worthy Wads (eventually with some minor changes) to allow every user to play...
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    Free Launcher Free To Encrypt Yourselves Here!

    As people ask again for Free Launcher and because irc won't encrypt it any longer, I post the link of the cracked Free Launcher here. It's cracked to allow people to encrypt it on their GP with zpkinstaller (included in my zip). SO DON'T SAY "HEY IT'S WAREZ!" as the Free Launcher is free...
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    Help With My Bor Mod

    Because you are out of memory... :rolleyes: Simply because the GP32 has not enough RAM for the level you want to load. ;)
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    Best Compatible Gp Cinema Version.

    Here is my compressed version of GP Cinema that works perfectly on Slubman fw and every launcher (I tested the uncompressed version and yes it's true it doesn't work with Slub fw). Compressed GP Cinema I hope now no one will have any GP Cinema compatibility trouble any longer. ;)
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    Doom Pwads Have Returned!

    Hey there! I've been working on some Gp32 projects I think everyone will like lately! Also I've joined a new news site that covers both Gp32 and other machines as well, where Aquafish, No_Skill, Rattboi and I will be posting our work now! Check out my new pwads, along with some updates of the...
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    Split from "Unofficial OpenSNES9xGp v0.2 Mod"

    I quote from Liksang : "166MHz Handheld All the new GP32 BLU are equipped with high performance memory and most of them overclock out-of-the-box to 166MHz (in our tests we could get 98% of the units to 166MHz or more, only one unit out of 40 tested was 160MHz "only")." 98% of the GP32 BLU can...
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    Gp32x, With Gbax?

    The reason GP32X is not an objective and good site.
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    News About Gbax's 180mhz Gp32s And 32mb Ram Mods Because of GBAX, GP32 Softwares will probably not be optimized for 133 Mhz any longer...what a pity for 133 Mhz player... I hope programmer will continue their optimizing work instead of saying "Anyway at 180 Mhz, it should be fast enough"...
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    Doom64 Pwad For Gp Doom.

    My new PWAD : Doom64. ;) This PWAD is very very great, it's a combinaison between Doom64 (for weapons, sons...) and Requiem (for the great 29 levels!). :) I remade entirely the text menu (as I did for Heretic), replaced some sounds, some textures and that provides you a very very amazing (maybe...
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    The Truth On Guyfawkes Evil Actions.

    I hope you understand french... it's the last time you could say "Guyfawkes is cool!" No comment. Atrkid revelations about Guyfawkes evil plan
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    Heretic Pwad For Gp Doom!

    I finished the 1st version of my Heretic PWAD for GP Doom. :) The real Heretic GP isn't finished and not very advanced so I decided to make a good "skin" for GP Doom. :) There are 29 levels now (after resolving level compatibility problem), so it's a complete game! :) I entirely remade all...
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    New Pwads & Patches For Doom Fans On My Site! :d

    20/04/2004 Today there is a surprise for you! :) I release some new PWADS I made for GP Doom to allow you to play all the levels we couldn't before with GP Doom (Thy Flesh Consumed episode 4 for Doom I FULL, Wolfenstein levels 31 & 32 for Doom II, for Plutonia and for TNT = 15 new playable...
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    New Design For My Site. :)

    Check it here : :)
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    My New Version Of Duke Nukem Here!

    Hello this is the version 0.3 with a lot of news here but not yet new levels (WIP) - A lot of new textures from the real Duke Nukem - Some new objects in the background - AND I remade the texts of the menu so it REALLY looks like the real Duke Some beautiful screenshots! Download is...
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    New Url For My Pwads!!!

    This is my new url for my PWADS : Have fun! :D
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    New Version Of Duke Nukem Gp!

    This is our (Falken and me) new version of the tc pwad for Doom 2 including : - Falken and I have made a new status bar much more lovely than the ugly old one. It's in the Duke style now! - I have physically removed the teleporter but it still works, don't worry. - More ennemies for whom...
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    Eternal Doom 3 Pwad Link Here!

    This is an amazing TC called Eternal Doom 3 that is very beautiful you know! I advice you to overclock 'cause sometimes levels are slow because of their huge size. My PWAD here : Have fun guys!
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    Modded gp32 32 ram and cpu voltage

    I would like to know who modded his gp32 to 32 of ram or cpu voltage and what are the effects on games or other? Because I could be made it by an electronican and I really feel like boosting my gp32 even if there are any risks because I think there are not. Who could inform me seriously about...