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    Gp32 Blu + Loads Of Extras For Sale

    My GP32 and extras for sale. For those that want to know the reserve is £75, I really wanna sell it for £80 at least though, I think it is well worth it, I would say it is worth £100+ due to the ammount of extras, but I doubt I will be able to get that much. Bid. Bid. Bid. SOLD
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    Little Big Adventure/relentless (twin_e Or Lbawin)

    Little Big Adventure, would be absolutely brilliant on the GP2X if somebody would put the time in to port it. It is probably my favourite game of all time, and despite being released in 1994 still frequents the PCGamer [UK] list top 100 games. yaz0r has made an interpretor for the game (and is...
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    Should I Sell My Gp32

    Just wanted to know what others think... Do you think I should sell my GP32 and buy a GP2X (I don't have the money to keep my GP32 as well, or really see the point - as most apps should probably be ported at some point). I have heard of lots of problems with the firmware not updating, or GP2Xs...
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    Funny Websites You Have Found

    The topic explains the concept of this thread... It sprang to mind when the site below came up as a pop-up when I was browsing a certain emulation site... edit: Dammit you are right... OK: I searched for the page which appeared and here is what I was talking about.
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    What Are Your Views On "the Scene"?

    I thought I'd share this artcle with you guys. Source: Wired Article on "The Scene" So anyway what are you guys views on the warez scene? Do you think that P2P would survve as it is without it? <Pretend I could be bothered to write other questions here and answer them as if I did?>
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    Replace Postcounts With Helpfulness* Ratings.

    Instead of postcounts I think we should have a rating system where members can rate other Members on a 1-5 star Scale (the rating would come out allowing 0.5 marks). Members should be rated on Helpfulness, Friendliness, how-much they have given to the community, wit, humour etc... Not by how...
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    New Name, New Life.

    To gain all knowledge Is to reach the peace of oblivion again. --- Spray - And I thought better of you. Vimacs can flame me if he wants though as I have been pretty harsh to him (as often as possible) will stop now though.