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    Xbox Fixing

    One of my friends asked me if I could fix her xbox for her, it gives an error 16, which means the dashboard is screwed up or something, AFAIK, it's unmodded, guessing at her intelligence level. I was wondering what the easiest and cheapest way to fix this, or if I should just give up.
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    Wireless Extenders

    well I need a wireless extender so I can play my Wii online in my room. I have a D-Link WBR-2310 if that would help at all. My room is like probably 30 ft away with a few walls and a floor at a pretty steep angle so I just need to find some way to get the signal to my room, well be stronger, I...
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    Steve Irwin

    aww he died :(
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    GP2X Gp2x To Usb Controller

    well this would be nice for us that are too lazy to go mod a consol controller to work on the PC it was done with the GP32 and worked nicely here
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    Icebreaker it's a fun clone of jezzball for linux that uses SDL, would be very nice on the gp2x
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    Xscavenger /sdlscavenger possible? I don't know much but the source is there
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    Troubles With Suse 10.0

    okay well I updated it through YOU and all that went fine and dandy till I rebooted and it just stops booting at SSH Daemon or Powersave. my hardware is as follows: PC Chips M848A AMD Sempron 3000+ or 3200+, I forget, (2ghz) BFG nVidia 6200 AGP 512 RAM PC2700 failsafe does boot tho, so there...
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    I was wondering if there was an adapter for the SNES that could read off of some type of flash card such as SMC or SD and play games that are 'backed up' possibly for Genesis too.. or NES because I have those systems too, maybe even 2600 even :P
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    Mass Zipping

    well I need a program (GUI or command line), for linux, that will take about 1000 files totaling liek 7 GB and just zipping and deleteing the source file because I need some hdd space. I know there was an app for windows that did this just I forget the name, might be possible to run through WINE.
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    Tllts features the GP2x tonight I belive, shows on at 8:30 pm eastern standard time EDIT: they say to go to this site like 30 times
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    Corrupted Sd Cards And Gp2x

    well I have a really shitty digital camera that uses SD cards and it likes to corrupt the cards everyonce and a while so I put it in my GP2X after it was in the camera and it started flashing. so long story short, don't use corruted SD cards or you will have to buy a new one the SD card refuses...
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    My School Caught On Fire

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    Remembering A Game

    well I wanted to play a game I had for I belive my old Mac but I can't remember the name of it. it was a simple Tank game with some obsticles the background was all black and the tanks were white out lines and so were some obsticles, it was first person
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    Nds Usb Wi-fi Adapter

    well what is the possibility of it working? wi-fi adapter
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    Video Editing

    I was wondering what to use on linux instead of VirturalDub
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    Opera Problems

    well the plug-ins decided not to work after I reinstalled it after the free registration party they had and they won't work, like flash and everything and Im angry
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    Internet Screwed Up

    well I know my DSL line is/was 768, but now I'm getting dl rates of 10- kb/s compared to the 100+ I use to get I ran the test at said I was getting 100-200 kbps(below what is considered broadband) this was making sure both computer with in my network aren't...
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    Windows 2k

    well Im not sure if my licenses is good because we sent it to some people after win98 killed it's self nad they didn't give us a disk at all and installed 2k but Im just wondering this because of the WIndows Genuine things and this, I also changed my mobo and basically everythign else after the...
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    Bruning .ogms

    I was just wondering what I would have to do to burn .ogm files to a DVD I plan on gettings a DVD burner and burning some videos but they are in .ogm format
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    Gameking Emulator

    NDS has one why don't we! it be fun :P