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    Caanoo-Wiz-Pandora-Psp-Unnamed Console?

    I am still waiting for my Zero (crosses fingers for early in the new year), but one real difference between the Zero and all other hanheld emulation hanhelds I've had is a true analog joystick.  This would make controlling MS-DOS, Apple ][, Vectrex, CoCo2, Atari 5200, and Intellivision much...
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    Caanoo-Wiz-Pandora-Psp-Unnamed Console?

    I've had (almost) all the handhelds you mentioned, and am now waiting for the GCW Zero. That one is worth checking out.
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    There is an Intellivision emulator for Android available at:
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    Intellivision Emulator Won't Run

    Haven't installed the Intellivision emulator on my WIZ, but I am certain the BIOS rom's of the Intellivision are copyrighted and expect the included ones probably aren't actually the BIOS rom's. (could be wrong though!)
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    Taking Pre-Orders For Gemei A330

    pre-ordered one yesterday... I can't get enough of these little machines!!! B)
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    Wiz Or Caanoo

    I have both the WIZ and the CAANOO and am not a fan of the WIZ screen. It seems splotchy or grainy or something...
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    Firmware Update Doesn't Work. . . .

    I think the SD card needs to be formatted in FAT32, not FAT16 in order to work. Figured I'd mention in case that helps... (I used a 512 MB SD card to successfully update)
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    Caanoo, Noticeably Brighter On The Lower Part Of The Screen

    Thanks. Nice to know mine isn't otherwise defective.
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    Caanoo, Noticeably Brighter On The Lower Part Of The Screen

    Just got my Caanoo and am liking it so far, but I noticed the LCD is very noticeablt brighter on the lower part of the display. Anyone else seeing this with theirs? Thanks in advance.
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    Sounds fantastic! Managed to pick up a Supergrafx quite a few years back on trade. I wish they would have brought that to North America instead of the TG-16 shaped console.
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    Temper is my favourite emulator. Looking forward to both your GP32 and Dingux versions.... (and... hint, hint, just ordered a Caanoo, I'm a sucker for 4:3 game consoles...)
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    Tell Us Non-Atari St Guys What The Best Of The Atari St... Are. ;)

    I really really enjoyed SUNDOG. Also, try hitting pause as you die in Llamatron (one meg version). (quite the sound easter egg!)
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    Anyone Else Received Their Caanoo?

    Thanks. I was thinking of along the lines in the future when the battery dies and none are available. My GP32 and GP2X take standard batteries and will last a long while. Very tempted by the Caanoo though!
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    Anyone Else Received Their Caanoo?

    Does anyone know if the Caanoo will function without the battery installed? (i.e., with a PSU of some form) Thanks in advance!
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    Battery In Dingoo A320

    Can't answer your questions, but I do know they have replacement batteries at dealextreme (bought one awhile back)
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    Firmware Version Used

    I haven't been able to upgrade to the latest firmware: tried different SD cards, and downlaoded the files a couple of times. bleah.
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    Advice On What To Buy

    I bought a Dingoo last year, and it is fantastic. Thinking the end of 4:3 systems is near, I bought a Wiz just recently and do not regret the purchase at all. I find the control excellent (and I was biased against GPH since I bought a launch GP2X). Sounds like the Wiz or Dingoo fits your...
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    New Sd Card Do I Need To Format It Before Flashing To Newer 1.2 Bios

    Wondering how long it takes to get to the Upgrade screen? I just got a new Wiz (v1.1.0), and when I try to upgrade to the newer firmware, I eventually get a black screen, not any upgrade screen (I am holding down the right button on startup) Thanks in advance!
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    Dingoo Atari 800 Emulator For Dingux?

    An 800 emulator would be excellent. Although the C64 is the definitive must have 8-bit computer (with a library that mirrors the Apple ][ all the way up to the Amiga), the 800 is my favourite 8-bit computer...
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    Dooengine V0.9C

    Yes, thanks Alekmaul. Having more native Dingoo emulators is excellent! Thanks for your efforts!