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    COVID-19 / Coronavirus Pandemic

    Having looked it up recently. I understand it that way: The mRNA vaccine tells your body (via mRNA) to produce the proteins found in the outer layer of the virus (ie. the stuff that doesn't do anything except protect the virus). This triggers a response from your immune system which will produce...
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    Playing Persona 3 (non demanding ps2 game) possible ?

    Obviously. Did you read the "About" page ? [QUOUTE="About"] The emulator can run a few games, but very awfully in most cases but I'm continuing my work to make it faster and more stable. I hope that in a few years, I'll be able to reach a quality level that will allow anyone to play their...
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    Removable battery - another reason why it's a good thing.

    Yes. No. Maybe. It depends how your phone's drivers are organized.
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    Oracle to open source Arm jdk 9

    Yes, but C++11 is already "a couple" years old. I never did a lot of Java, I had a language design course and Java was the example for Object-oriented languages. Personnally, I like the way how Rust handles generics, it's sad that they don't accept constants.
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    Oracle to open source Arm jdk 9

    From a language design point of view, there are nice things. For instance, generics are safer than, for example, in C++. But yeah, multithreading ...
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    Pyra as a Music Player

    What's the point of a music player, if it can't produce an F ;)
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    Sales Vouchers and preorders

    The easiest thing would be to buy enough vouchers via Paypal and then to spend those vouchers on the full amount of the Pyra price.
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    It's loud.

    Technically, the reflected wave is shifted by π/2 immediately, so no storing ;)
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    RISC OS?

    Where does this believe come from that OS = bloat ? OSs are great. They provide abstraction and exactly prevent you from having to deal with the hardware directly.
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    Able to upgrade not just the speed but manufacturer of CPU?

    Because we are talking about using a RISC-V core inside a GPU ? Moreover, Nvidia has spent a lot of money into producing ARM-compatible cores.
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    Parts, Boards and the Rotator

    @PowerPC-discussion : I actually thought that some of the old and popular Apple products used PowerPC CPUs ... Well, maybe not. Anyway, I just choose a random group of people spending way too much money on stuff that isn't worth it.
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    Parts, Boards and the Rotator

    Better : Kickstarter for a PowerPC module and the video should contain the sentence "Equipped with the same technology that powered the [insert popular apple product]."
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    The theoretical maximum storage on a Pyra just went up.

    @Magic Sam : Well, I have to admit that I am not specifically familiar with laws of a foreign country (read: the US), but as far as I understood, the problem is the software patent part. And guess what, where I live software patents aren't recognized. So, personally, I don't care at all. (as...
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    The theoretical maximum storage on a Pyra just went up.

    Given that's ~250 KiB, it shouldn't matter that much.
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    The theoretical maximum storage on a Pyra just went up.

    pacman -Ss exfat community/exfat-utils 1.2.4-1 [installed] Utilities for exFAT file system Please check before you post anything. Especially, when it is so easy. I'm personally running Parabola GNU/Linux and have access to exFAT drivers, so the slightly modified Debian available on the Pyra...
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    Appimage instead of pnd?

    Wayland is client/server but not network transparent, since this requires having a drawing API.
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    Appimage instead of pnd?

    Afaik, that's mostly wrong. Wayland uses EGL for compositing the client buffers instead of using a 30+ years old API, but this can also be executed on the CPU.
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    Clear Case

    I think you're not the only one wondering here. Where did you see the term ?
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    Audio in/out

    The audio jack has audio in, if that is your question.
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    Google releases SwiftShader OpenGL ES software rendering library as open source

    Compared to what ? HW rendering or classical SW rendering ?