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    SDL2 with cross compiler

    I've not done any pandora development for a long time and decided to get a toolchain set up so I can try building some stuff. I used to get gcc/binutils/glibc built, but next I need SDL2. I found but the Makefile.pandora there was a bit broken...
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    Drastic forum topic?

    Title says it all really - what happened to the topic in software news about Drastic? Am I being dumb, because I can't find it!
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    Release Homeworld

    Have released a new version of homeworld, now available on the repo. Changes: Touch screen now working properly Updated controls (to work better with touch screen): Pandora B button - Enter Start - Esc/Menu Select - Pause Q/P - Attack W/O - Focus A/L - Move Enter/Shift -...
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    This might be of interest

    I found this during some googling: Might be a useful place to start coding a game
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    The lid of my pandora is developing quite nasty cracks in the corners... this is definitely not from rough treatment as I hardly take it anywhere and it is always in the case. Anyone else seen this? Would it be covered by warranty? I will post some pictures later.
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    Could someone build me a kernel module?

    Now I got my EXT connectors I want to hook up my stowaway keyboard. The especially useful to me because my USB doesn't work, so the only options I have for keyboards are serial or bluetooth! I'm not set up for kernel building at the moment though, and don't have a lot of time, so I was...
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    Cool accessory for UK pandora users

    I don't know about you, but the size of the UK plugs really gets to me, and I've often thought it would be simple to make the pins fold down so they don't get in the way whenever you're packing up your laptop or whatever. It never occurred to me that someone might have done it already though...
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    My first contribution

    Well, it took me forever to build it just because I couldn't get a toolchain set up properly... tried compiling on the pandora etc, battling with autotools, eventually ended up using sebt3's toolchain and a bit of makefile editing. Can't really take a lot of credit because someone else did the...
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    USB Help

    So I've tried a bunch of different peripherals... USB sticks, memory card readers, my mobile phone, wifi dongles, keyboards, mice etc... and I can't get anything to work with the pandora. Nothing comes up in dmesg and lsusb also reports nothing back. Am I doing something wrong? Is my pandora...