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    Drmd- 6 Button Support?

    If there isn't already, I'd like to see 6 button support for the GP2X version of DrMD. I need SF2 and Mortal Kombat!
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    Help Me Pick

    i'm going to get a new cellphone soon. sick of the one i have... bleh. i was looking at the moto razr, but i wont have nearly the money for it, so... any suggestions? all i really know is that i can get phones that are compatible with cingular/at&t. and no smart phones! thanks :)
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    What Webcomics Do You Read?

    i mainly read cascade failure... sometimes megatokyo (i have the GNs) edit- d'oh i forgot white ninja!
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    Best Bust A Move/puzzle Bobble Game

    just wondering people's opinions on the best version of puzzle bobble/bust a move that can run on GP32 (if there is one...) rediscovered it recently, playing at the only place i know that still has a neo geo multi cart (MS3/Bust A Move) and bought Ultra for xbox. fun fun fun!
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    w00t guys, 742 posts guys! lol i m teh H4XX0r!
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    I'm Making A Game

    I'm making a game... it's called Rico Attacks! :P it's going to have rico's disembodied head chasing you around, he shoots lasers too. i used Enslaved's avatar for it. I need to think of some more characters. any ideas? btw, for now its PC only, until i can find someone to compile it for GP...
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    Mortal Kombat Vs. Street Fighter

    I myself am a street fighter fanboy, in fact, i pretty much hate all of the MK games. :) what about youse others?
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    My Avatar

    Okay, i've gotten two PMs about my avatar being "innapropriate", but i dont see what's wrong! i havent changed it, as far as I know its still the clarence thomas Av. please enlighten me, who else has seen this ghost avatar?
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    Shoe Brakez

    here is the video that matt bakse and I made for a school project... he is the one with the hat and blue sweatshirt, i am the... well... the other guy. SHOEBREAKZ (spelled wrong on purpose) have fun... or something.
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    Rumble Roses

    WOO WOO!!! RUMBLE ROSES RUMBLE ROSES YAY YAY YAY i want rumble roses... WAY HA!!! RUMBLE ROSES!!!!!! i'd put on screenshots but i'm at school and i dont wanna get caught... :P
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    Fighting Fighting Fighting!!!

    i just got SFAC, an it KICKS ASS! i plan to buy GGX2#R (Guilty Gear X2 #Reload) on XBox, how can you not at only 20 bucks? if more online fighters come out for xbox, i might just buy XBL! now if only the PS2 SFAC was online capable... i will also be getting SVC chaos when it comes out. anyone...
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    Non-.rar Paks

    is there anywhere to get paks that arent RAR'd? like zips, or hqx, sits , anything?
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    Fight Time!!!

    so i am going for myy black belt in Muay Thai (like kickboxing, only not for sissies :P ) and today i have to do 20 rounds of sparring at 2 minutes each... whew! saturday i have my stamina/running test, and next thursday i have my pad test, which is similar to the sparring test, bbut it is with...
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    Fight The Good Fight!

    FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT read it for yourself, its utter bullshit... pissed me off, my friend even emailed 'em and basically handed their asses to them, not likely that they will post her letter :P
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    My New Avatar

    yeah, i was looking thru angelfire's image gallery, and i came upon this monstrosity. naturally, i said to myself, Yes. this SHALL be my new avatar! what do alla youse think?
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    We Need To Build Up The Gp Mac Community!

    The mac GP scene is, at best, rather lacking. so i thought it would be a good idea to start up a GPMac site, so there's one place to download things like GPFinder and get mac GP help. but i really don't want to do it alone, and so is there anyone interested in helping the MAC gp community by...
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    Now This Is Fucked Up

    WEE I'M CRAZY. that is one fucked up page.
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    Aquafish's Fw Has 2 Bins!

    for some reason, the newest version of Aquasfish's FW's RAR doesnt decompress, so i decided to try v4.8 (or w/e). I've flashed my FW before, but this has 2 BINs, aqua 48a and aqua48b. i dont know which to use cause in the Readme it just says rename aqua48.bin to fw.bin. sorry if this has been...
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    GPDesktops! what do you think about it? send your own wallpapers to the email address on the News Page.
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    Mini Itx Boards

    where is the best place to buy a Mini ITX mobo in the US? I know of but they are in the UK. 40 dollars shipping for a parcel smaller than my DSL modem :( , and a complete box is over 80 dollars shipping!