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  1. plopperz

    The Very Original Current Listening Thread!!

    Alice in Chains - Check my Brain The single I got for preordering their new album off iTunes. Not quite the same without Layne Staley, but it's alright.
  2. plopperz

    Movies Thread

    District 9 was definitely not what I was expecting. I thought it was going to make a political statement; instead it was Aliens! Spaceships! Lasers! Pew pew pew! Everyone I've talked to loved it, and thinks I'm insane for not. I think I need go see it again knowing that it's just another sci-fi...
  3. plopperz

    The Rabbit Joint

    Agreed. Especially live. This summer's been good for concerts here. We were supposed to get Aerosmith and ZZ Top a couple weeks ago; but Steven Tyler is a dumbass and fell off a stage :(
  4. plopperz

    The Rabbit Joint

    I just got back from an AC/DC concert. Absolutely amazing.
  5. plopperz

    Thanks Uopb Team!

    While the most of us seem to have come and gone, and the rest making the occasional post, Gruso has been in there almost every day feeding us more news. He's the one keeping the blog alive. So yeah, thanks Gruso :D And +1 for Guru. He's the definition of one.
  6. plopperz

    What Kinds Of Pandora Games Are Going To Be Released?

    A game is a game is a game. I don't see why it matters which platform it was originally developed for. That said, it'd be cool to see what the community can create, even if it isn't super-fancy-3D-commercial quality games.
  7. plopperz

    Psp Power Supply

    I tend to be weary of using those USB to plug things, ever since I fried an iPod with one. I'd much prefer an actual cable.
  8. plopperz

    How Many (Video Game) Handhelds Do You Have ?

    3 Gameboy bricks Gameboy Pocket 2 Gameboy Colors 3 GBAs GBA SP GBA Micro 2 DS Originals DS Lite Game Gear PSP Slim 2 PSP Phats GP2X F-200 Dreamcast VMU (meh, it counts) iPod Touch So that's 21. 14 if you don't count duplicates. 5 that are working. 2 that I actually use. <_<
  9. plopperz

    The Rabbit Joint

    Apparently I'm nocturnal now; it's 2PM here and I still haven't slept. My 'normal wake up time' is now 8PM :(
  10. plopperz

    Who Owned Actual Sega/nintendo/snes/genesis?

    I was always more of a PC guy, but in the past few years I've been picking up older consoles like the NES, SNES, Genesis, and Dreamcast. Got my Xbox 360 for all the fancy new games. I bought a PS3 the other week, and all I really use it for is playing my old PS1 discs :/
  11. plopperz

    The Rabbit Joint

    The autoplay on youtube videos is getting to be annoying.
  12. plopperz

    Any Other Salvia Users?

    I just tried it today, mixed some 10x with an equal part of pot and smoked it through a pipe. I've got mixed feelings about it, the smoke was really harsh, and at first part of the high was scary, like I was trapped into it and couldn't get out. Then it was euphoric, a definite religious...
  13. plopperz

    Pandora/wiz Softcase Prototype

    Not if there's Velcro ;)
  14. plopperz

    Pandora/wiz Softcase Prototype

    Cool! Maybe a way to close the case entirely (Velcro or something?) and a black Pandora case with the same blue logo. I'd buy one :)
  15. plopperz

    Wts: 4000 Xbox Live Points, Us Accounts Only

    Nope they're US only; I made that mistake already :/
  16. plopperz

    Driven Mad, Things Get Out Of Control.

    I noticed a slight Chad resemblance; cousin or something?
  17. plopperz

    Pandora People Map

    No, that was me :unsure: .
  18. plopperz

    The Openpandora Team

    Craig: ED: MWeston (dude at the desk, the community being the other guy): :D
  19. plopperz

    I Guess We Won't Be Seeing Any More Quake On Pandora

    Here's a better link If this were passed, ED could still upload videos, as it would only outlaw production and distribution; doesn't make it anything short of ridiculous though. EDIT: Does this fall under that "German culture is different, blah blah blah" thing that was brought up during the...
  20. plopperz

    The Rabbit Joint

    Excuse me?