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    Heute sind Wahlen. Geh hin!

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    Question about static and dynamic linking regarding symbol versioning

    (my question doesn't regard any handhelds nor ARM; am I still in the correct sub-forum?) In a project at work I want to facilitate Fast-DDS linked statically to be able to communicate with ROS2 nodes on a remote device. To learn how to use that library properly to that effect in isolation, I...
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    [Solved] Artix Linux, fsck, non-/ LUKS in crypttab

    Hi there, I think there some Arch users here. Maybe someone knows already, how my problem can be solved. I have two partitions with LVM on LUKS on my laptop - one on Optane storage, where I put the LVs for root partitions, and one on slower but bigger storage for data like installation-specific...
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    Has someone detailed intel on DDM in context of KM/KVM switches laying around to throw at me?

    I'm looking for a KM or a KVM switch for me to buy. It shouldn't be pass-through, but should also be transparent to more than your garden-variaty keyboard and mouse. Adder's True USB might do the trick - I don't know - but the switches that bring it are insensibly expensive and I have no need...
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    What's missing in the USB specification and how to change that?

    Ever expected something to have been specified by the USB Implementers Forum, but had to find out they missed it? I've got two things so far. a) A device class USB switch or device sub class Host Hopping Hub KM/KVM switches seem to be a mess since USB. If you employ a standard wired keyboard...
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    Git web interface on shared web hosting service?

    I've booked some web space in a shared environment, so I'm not root. The on-site management thingy I get to use, is Plesk something. There is a git and two git-* binaries in bin and the management interface let's me enable some git functionality. It's most prominent use case seems to be pushing...
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    Plan9/Minix? (previously known as "ROS as in - What's the produce?")

    I'm trying to wrap my head around, what ROS is - or rather what it comes up with in the end. I've got so far, that it's a framework to compose my robots software with. I shall install some ROS distro on my desktop machine, start describing my robot in XML - its physical attributes, its sensors...
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    Osaka, JP - shopping directions for PC peripherals, please?

    Hi there, my mother went to Osaka to walk a pilgramage trail, visiting a numbered set of temples as I understand it. And it goes around Honshu, I guess. Now, that she's back in Osaka after the trail, she prolonged her stay there for a few days. So she'll be there for the rest of the week. Now...
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    wrist-worn bluetooth remote/periphery - housing wanted

    I was looking for something like a smartwatch, that later on I could use to navigate and view exposed options and notification of the Pyra and invoke actions with. Actual smartwatches don't seem to cut it for me for many a reason - battery life, Android. Given the nature of the enumeration the...
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    Spehlin and Phonetics

    @oskda I only made out Kirin, which then led to Huawei. And what he said - sounds a bit indistinct - can quite well be what Huawei is typically pronounced here in Germany. The German reader pronounces an 'h' at the front, doesn't know u-a as an diphtong, pronounces 'w' like 'v' in English and...
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    Where to buy men's skirts in Berlin?

    I'm looking for a skirt, but I'd prefer to go to a shop and try some on. Or, if that's not possible, to have it tailored, but have take the tailor the measurements, for I'm not confident about taking the correct measurements correctly. (I'm not one for sending stuff back and forth.) I know, I...