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    Research in the Open source handheld/gaming community

    Hi everybody, as some of you may have read on GP32x I am looking for people who have been around in the OS handheld/gaming scene for some time and with whom I could conduct an intervew on the development and importance of openness in this scene. I am sorry for crossposting here, but some of...
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    Research On History Of Gp32X

    Hi Pickle, I've pretty much started from the beginning on with Gamepark and the establishment of GPH. Of course I focused especially on the general evolution of the industry, not so much on topics that were too technical. As you suggested, I will also try to contact some people directly, but by...
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    Research On History Of Gp32X

    Hi everybody, my name is Tim, I am working as PhD student at Hamburg University of Technology. The topic of my thesis is the evolution of open source industries. I spent a lot of time reading in this forum the last 1.5 years, but next to this kind of research, it would be great if I could...