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    Internet Channel On The Wii

    The 'Internet Channel' on the Wii is now finally FREE to download from the 'Wii Shop Channel'! Yay!
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    Qtopia F200 0.1

    I was wondering if any one has tried Qtopia F200 0.1 yet? It'll be awesome if it can run off the SD card like any other program but will find out tonight at home when I give it a whirl.
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    Eurovision Song Contest Torture

    I keep getting nagged by the missus as to which country will win and which one is my favourite. I don't think the hint of me being on the laptop is a give away really. Anyways I don't think the UK will be any worse than last year. For those who are unaware of this waste of air time on TV they...
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    Openbor V3.0 Build 2191 - Beats Of Rage

    I have finally come across a working Beats of Rage for my GP2X-F200 Mk1 as the initial version I had tried within the GP2X Archives (,0,0,0,20,2302) kept on crashing at the character selection screen. The only mod I had tried and worked flawlessly is...
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    Openbor V3.0 Build 2191 - Beats Of Rage

    I've been dying to play Beats of Rage but the available download within the GP2X Archives (,0,0,0,20,2302) does not work on my GP2X-F200. I have managed to locate a newer version that does work on the F200, I had tested it with the original Beats of...
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    Making Icons For Gmenu2x

    I'm guessing that this has already been covered in the past and this is probably in the wrong GP2X section. Anyways, as the new Open2x integrated menu system is Gmenu2x which makes the GP2X console look awesome to the original firmware so-called menu. A few games and programs are missing icons...
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    Hi Everyone, I couldn't see the previous thread of coupons, so I have created this one. For those who shop at below is a coupon I had received on 10th March 2009. Coupon code: NP-KFA-WXF Get US$5 off a purchase of US$50 or more (actual products value). Coupon...