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    Open2x Dr7 For F100 And F200

    Just a shot in the dark, will there be an Open2X DR8 for F100 and F200 with the new features you mentioned, o2xiv updates (Open2X Image Viewer) and those bugs fixed in the pipe line due for release? Only wondering.
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    Movies Thread

    I'm a bit slow off the mark but I've finally watched all of 'The IT Crowd' series as well as 'The Inbetweeners' series and man are they both just funny.
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    Apple Ipad 2

    I won't be buying the Apple iPad 2 as I've lost the urge in getting cool gadgets and recently updated my home network to gigabit. I know, what took me so long!
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    Open2X Image Viewer (Updated)

    Is there any way to get this integrated with Open2X DR7 for F100 & F200 image as well?
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    The Rabbit Joint

    The Hermit Crab has class!
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    Help! We're Getting Older. Is Emulation Dying Off?

    I see where your coming from, it does seem that emulation is slowly gonna be a thing of the past. At least I can safely say that I have played some real classical games that has 100% enjoyment and playability.
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    Avatar And Other 3D Movies

    First of all I bow my head in shame as I have not yet seen Avatar. It looks awesome but the missus won't appreciate this movie as she hates all Sci-fi's. I'm not all that fussed with 3D movies and the silly glasses you have to pay extra for. Must be a sign of getting old and miserable.
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    GP2X Worminator 3

    I'm really enjoy playing this game on my GP2X. Shame I've not heard or played the original.
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    Open2x Dr7 For F100 And F200

    Looking forward to a new Open2X revision.
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    Open2x Dr7 For F100 And F200

    Looking forward to a new Open2X revision.
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    Gp2X F100 Out Performs Gp2X F200

    Is their a benchmarking tool for the GP2X to provide a solid case?
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    Using A Psp Battery In Gp2X

    Awesome PSP battery mod Bacteria! Would be good to hear the results on the battery life on the GP2X.
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    60K Gp2X Sold, 30K Gp32 Sold. Small Numbers.

    My main reason in getting a GP2X initially was for the retro gaming value. Then I found this community that helped each other and developed open source emulators, etc made the final push in purchasing it.
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    Improving Emulators For The Gp2X F200 Please

    I totally agree, I still play a lot of Spectrum ZX games on my GP2X-F200 as they were really good made games. Fairlight 2, The Great Escape, Loadrunner, Spy Hunter, etc. The list goes on...
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    Awesome find RedBaron! Thanks very much!
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    GP2X Worminator 3

    Sweet! Can't wait!
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    Gp2X F200 User Manual Pdf

    The initial GP2X-F200 manual on the CD enclosed with the console is a load of HTML files with Flash embedded. I'm not aware of anyone to have converted this to PDF as yet.
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    Gnu Robbo 0.64

    Awesome, many thanks for the help! Onwards I go!
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    The Rabbit Joint

    Can't wait until next pay day, gonna buy Family Guy - Season 8 and Futurama - Epic Movie Collection.