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  1. vcoleiro1

    Valve launching Steam Deck - SteamOS Handheld Console

    Valve is launching a handheld console running SteamOS
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    Astro Slide - By Planet computers

    Looks like Planet is back again for a third product. The last was the Cosmo Communicator Now they have launched the Astro Slide on Indiegogo Indiegogo Astro Slide Link
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    Tic Tac and Gimbal UFO Incidents - My investigation and new info

    When I first heard about the Fravor Tic Tac incident, like most people I was intrigued. So I looked for more information about it. I soon found that the more I looked into it, the more red flags appeared. 1) The first red flag was Fravor's mention that the UFO sightings had been happening for...
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    GPD P2 Max - Announced

    GPD have announced the GPD Pocket 2 Max at the SVIAZ expo in Moscow. It will be another new product that will launch this year with the WIN Max launching later on in the year. ie they are two different products Liliputing article about it here...
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    GPD MicroPC

    GPD have publicly announced a new product line that will be on Indiegogo around Feb 15th It's the GPD MicroPC which is targeted at Netwoirk Engineers and Sys admins, but also has a wider audience for those wanting a UMPC It will go up on Indiegogo for $299 , and will be powered by a Intel...
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    Mini Vectrex

    Back in the day a Mini Vectrex was planned to be released. A working prorotype was actually made but due to the crash it never came out. The National Videogame Musem got there hands on the Mini Vectrex prototype
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    Gemini Cosmo - On Indiegogo

    The Gemini PDA team have launched a new device called the Gemini Cosmo . It is now up on Indiegogo It seems to be a big improvement over the Gemini PDA 6GB Ram, 128GB storage, Mediatek P70 SOC, Dual screens, backlit keyboard, uSD slot, 2 x USB C Android 9 but can dual or even triple-boot with...
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    One Mix 2

    One Mix have launched the One Mix 2 and 2S. This is a 7" WIN 10 UMPC which has 8GB RAM and 256SSD storage - same size as the Pocket 2 roughly. It also has a 360 hinge so it can be used as a tablet with stylus support. The One Mix 2 has the M3-7Y30 SOC and is up for pre-order at $630...
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    Worlds Largest Video Game Collection

    After spending ages building rooms to hold his collection, Joel released the video below showing some of his Video Game collection. It's the worlds largest video game collection
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    Playstation Classic - Inc 20 games

    You knew it was going to happen.
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    GPD Pocket 2 Announced

    So GPD have announced that a GPD Pocket 2 is in the works with an Indiegogo campaign happening in the coming months. Details below SOC: M3-7Y30 Two options 4GB RAM + 128GB emmc5.0 storage, or 8GB RAM 1920*1200 7 inch screen uSD port USB-C x 1 USB-A 3.0 x 2 Has support for a lot of...
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    Xiaomi BlackShark Gaming Smartphone

    Xiaomi announced the BlackShark gaming smartphone today. It's specs are top tier including: Snapdragon 845 6GB or 8GB RAM 64 GB or 128 GB 4000mAh battery 6" OLED screen - 2160 x 1080 Gamepad attachment First-ever device with a Wi-Fi 2×2 MIMO multiple antenna design, capable of supporting 5G...
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    Apple Plans to Use Its Own Chips in Macs From 2020, Replacing Intel

    Apple Plans to Use Its Own Chips in Macs From 2020, Replacing Intel. Could be huge for the ARM platform SW wise over time...
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    GPD XD +

    GPD have gone through various plans for a GPD XD 2, from a 360 degree hinge design to a slider design. It seems for now, GPD is planning to release a XD + which will just be an upgraded GPD. A full new XD 2 product may come some time later , perhaps next year - plans are on ice for it so to...
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    Ubuntu 17.10 - A lot of changes it seems

    Looks like Ubuntu 17.10 will bring a number of changes
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    GPD WIN 2

    So GPD have been posting teasers for a while about a GPD WIN 2 coming next year. It seems it will be crowdfunded around March next year , with delivery later in the year From different posts made by GPD, it seems it will have a number spec upgrades over the current WIN. namely: 1) Looks...
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    Razer Game Phone coming?

    A number of articles talking about a Razer announcement coming on the 1st of Nov. The teaser for it points to a gaming smartphone being announced. The mantra for the event is "watch, listen, play" mantra...
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    Amiga Mini

    Well, I was just saying on another forum how nice it would be if someone were to develop an Amiga Mini , well it seems to be actually happening. And by non other than, Retro Games Ltd (Paul Andrews and co ie the team beinhd the C64 Mini) Here's an Italian Article on it (sorry , you will have...
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    Pimax 8K VR Headset

    Looks like another VR headset on Kickstarter. This one has two 4K screens and is promising 200 degree FOV. Comparison with other VR headsets...
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    New Atari Console Coming (Ataribox)?

    Looks like there is a fair chance Atari are about to launch a console. Not sure on the exact nature of it , but here some info: