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  1. hardyx

    Picodrive Revival (1.91) - Gp2X/wiz/caanoo Version

    I'll test in my wiz console, thanks notaz for your good emulators.
  2. hardyx

    Did I Join Too Late?

    Never is too late. Remember to read each emulator instructions usually in a readme.txt file. For example for MAME2ALL you need to use a specific romset, doesn't work with any romset.
  3. hardyx

    Inimaker 1.2 For Caanoo (Beta)

    Thanks to you Alex for creating this tool for the wiz.
  4. hardyx

    Inimaker 1.2 For Caanoo (Beta)

    Hello,   I want to share with you my IniMaker port for Caanoo. It's based in the source code released by Alex Mărgărit, author of the Wiz version. IniMaker creates .ini files for the programs wich don't have direct access (icons) in the Caanoo Games menu. Also, can find icons for the INIs in the...
  5. hardyx

    Gp2X F300 And Wiz...

      Wiz games and apps must be patched to work in F300, because the screen driver has little differences. Not supports vertical orientations for example, a trick used by wiz devs to avoid tearing. I remember a Korean forum ( with this patches for emulators, but now the page is dead.
  6. hardyx

    Pcsx Rearmed R17

    Thanks for the good work notaz. Now is running very well with more games.
  7. hardyx

    What To Buy? What To Buy?

    Caanoo has 128 Mb of RAM, doubling Wiz memory. You must to buy something that has (today) the software you want, not a very powerful or new hardware which lacks in software. GPH consoles or Pandora (if you can afford) is good, and has a good scene.
  8. hardyx

    Average Battery Life?

    Your charger or the Caanoo battery are bad. Try with a different charger and make a full charge.
  9. hardyx - Future

    It's a good idea, because this forum has many information and posts that can't be lost. I'll like to see the domain like the older like or or something, because people can be confused in another domain. But if this it's expensive do what you like. P.D. Is good that you can...
  10. hardyx

    Where To Get A Wiz? Maybe A Caanoo?

    Wiz is difficult to find now, perhaps you can find a second hand one. Caanoo is selling in some sites like PlayAsia, but they are stock units.
  11. hardyx

    Caanoo And Wiz....suggestions?

    <br>Caanoo have the same SoC as the Wiz, with 3D acceleration unit. There are some apps/games that use it: GLQuake, Paper Wars and some games more.
  12. hardyx

    Caanoo And Wiz....suggestions?

    If you can get a 2nd hand Wiz go for it, but is difficult now. You can buy a Caanoo too, has more memory, bigger screen and better controls. If you have big hands, perhaps you'll like the Caanoo more. Both have good emulators and 8 and 16 bits systems are near perfect emulation, but Wiz is *a...
  13. hardyx

    Caanoo Ram? Just How Much Is Available?

    CPU speed and memory is not all in computing, specially when you have different systems. PSP has a MIPS processor with a Floating point unit (FPU) and another MIPS processor called Media Engine. A floating point unit allows to accelerate calculations used in 3D, and aids the main CPU. Caanoo has...
  14. hardyx

    Serial Console With Samsung E810Usb Cable ?

    Yes, you can make a serial cable but there is a trick. You must to get the power from the USB. Look this thread.
  15. hardyx

    So, If You Buy A Second One And Leave It In The Box...

    People says that if you load the batteries at half they last longer.
  16. hardyx

    Limit To Number Of Roms In File?

    Maybe the listing routine is limited by number of files or available memory, but you can organize the roms in folders.
  17. hardyx

    Bbc Micro Emulation On Caanoo

    You can try Bebeem emulator for GP2X using Ginge.
  18. hardyx

    Bad News

    Dead zones are managed by the apps. The firmware only gives the pressure values, no more. The method for simulating a D-Pad is this: If you push the joystick half way or more in a direction, the movement is generated. If you push lesser than half way (dead zone), no move is generated. Some 3D...
  19. hardyx

    $100 Bounty For Hybrid Html Viewer!

    As easy as I hope a new wave of games/apps for Caanoo. B)
  20. hardyx


    You need to use the specific romset specified in readme.txt, not PC romsets supported. Same games need bios files too, depending the emulated system.